Electronics manufacturer Flex to expand its facilities in Tamil Nadu

Company plans to move some units to the state from neighbouring countries

Electronics factory
(Photo: Shutterstock)

Contract electronic hardware manufacturer Flex is looking to move some of its facilities from a neighbouring country to Tamil Nadu. The company has sought the state government’s help in expediting the processes to expand its facility near Chennai.

At the National Executive Committee meeting of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Ficci), Flex Senior Director (Global Government Affairs and Public Policy) Arijit Sen requested the state’s industries minister M C Sampath to help expedite the processes.

There was a matter of urgency, he said, as the company would be serving customers in the US from its Tamil Nadu facility after moving some of its units from a neighbouring country that he did not name. According to him, the company has set a timeline of two to three months to expand the Tamil Nadu facility, so it needs government support in making the unit operational in the shortest time.

The company, which has four facilities in Tamil Nadu, is planning to expand its component manufacturing unit in India. Government officials said there would not be any problem in addressing the concerns.

Speaking of other investments in the state, the minister also told industry that Haldia Petrochemicals was the highest bidder for the Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd, which was under a liquidation process.