Andhra Pradesh: Family tries to commit suicide at Ramakuppam MRO office

A family allegedly tried to attempt suicide at Ramakuppam MRO office in Chittoor district.

They alleged that MRO officials have issued passbook, for the land which he has been cultivating for a long time, to someone else.

Babu Naik, one of the family members said that he came to the MRO office a lot of times with their problems but no officials paid heed to them following which he along with the family attempted suicide.

Speaking to ANI, Chandramohan, Ramakuppam MRO said that a man named Krishna Naik has been cultivating that land for the last 40 years for which the passbook was issued to him.

"All documentary evidence is in his (Krishna Naik) support, so we issued passbook to him. Babu Naik came to our office and created a ruckus with malafide intention. When he was trying to commit suicide along with his family members, we called the police. They prevented them from doing so. We will complain to the police soon. We are preparing a report to submit to the sub-collector," he said.

Ramakuppam Sub Inspector, Prasad Rao said that the police prevented Babu Naik from committing suicide.

"He wants the title of enjoyment of the land. If the MRO gives us a complaint about this, we will file a case and proceed with the investigation," he said.