'Different Art Centre exemplary model for intellectual& mental

The Different Art Centre, a comprehensive venue to engage and nurture diverse talents of mentally challenged children, is an exemplary model for the intellectual and mental progress of differently-abled children, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said.

The centre is an umbrella project, designed with support of Kerala Social Security Mission, to engage and encourage children with autistic disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Down's syndrome and other learning disabilities in various dimensions like music, dance, painting and skills in musical instruments.

"Art therapy has proven to be one of the most suitable methods for the psychological and intellectual development of the differently-abled children," Vijayan, who inaugurated the initiative here on Thursday, said.

He also said the government was proud to have such a world class facility aimed to uplift differently-abled kids.

Magician Gopinath Muthukad's Academy of Magicial sciences, in a release, said the Centre was the first such prestigious project in the world put forward by the academy in collaboration with Child Development Centre (CDC) and Kerala Social Security Mission.

"The Differential Art Center is able to make the change that no one could ever imagine. The Government is proud to have this world-class project and it will help in uplifting the differently-abled," Vijayan said.

The facility was inaugurated by symbolically switching on the motorized wheel chair in the presence of ministers, government officials and other guests from all walks of life, the release said.

The chief minister later watched the performances of differently-abled children by visiting each venue within the centre.

"The project is indeed a proud initiative for the Kerala government in building a differently abled friendly state.

K K Shailaja Teacher, the minister for Social Justice, who presided, said the centre comprises seven stages like Beethoven Bungalow for music, Jaleo Mahal for dance, Angelos Artree and Angelos Arcade for painting, India fort for drama, Camille Cascade for film production Wonder wings for magical finesse.

"Here the entire performers will be differently-abled children. Talents from all over the world will have a platform to display their rare skills," she said.