Meet breakers Ramesh Anand Yadav, Arif Chaudhary and Johanna Rodrigues

Mumbai's break dancers pin their hopes on their passion to dance to get out of city's ghettos

break dance
Johanna Rodrigues aka B-Girl-Joe

A white tank top off the street, a pair of blue denims of no particular provenance and raw power that could be mistaken for a violent streak, Ramesh Anand Yadav, 24, aka B-Boy Tornado, is straight out of the badlands of Mumbai’s Markhund. He speaks of growing up in the slums, a social prison one can never leave, stained indelibly with opprobrium. “This area is blacklisted. Nobody wants to give you a job if you tell them where you are from,” says Yadav. His version of Mumbai is The Bronx, New York, of the 1980s, the birthplace of gangs, ghettos and hip hop.   Yadav ...