Asia's Fastest Growing Cloud Telephony Platform, Exotel, Will Close the Year at Rs. 120 Crores

/ -- Exotel, the fastest growing cloud telephony platform in Asia, announced that they are looking to close the year at a revenue of Rs.120 crores.

"Enterprises are looking at cloud telephony as a way to scale and grow their business. We are enabling organisations to provide the right conversation touchpoints without compromising on the customer's privacy and security as well. With this increased adoption, we have seen 68% YoY growth in our revenues. I'm happy to say that we will be closing the year at a revenue of Rs. 120 crores," said Shivakumar Ganesan (Shivku), CEO & Co-founder of Exotel.

Started in 2011, Exotel powers business communication for over 2,500 enterprises and growing businesses in India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Shift in cloud adoption by enterprises

"We are seeing a lot of enterprises move to the cloud. While startups, e-commerce companies, marketplaces, etc. were early adopters, we are seeing an upswing in cloud adoption by the more traditional verticals including banks and financial institutions," added Shivku.

Exotel has always maintained that they wanted to be pioneers of moving enterprise business communication to the cloud. This year has seen them take a big step in that direction.

Exotel currently handles over 11 million customer conversations every day on an average. "We were doing about 5-6 million calls a day last year. And this has also doubled over the year," said Shivku.

"Our primary focus has between two fold scale and reliability. We have worked on improving our infrastructure to ensure that our customers never have to compromise on scale or reliability. For example, during the festive season now, e-commerce companies have a big surge in their business which has resulted in a 2x increase in traffic for Exotel. But since this is something we planned for, we were able to handle this with absolute ease," mentioned, Shivku.

Along with their growth in India, Exotel has seen a surge of customers coming in from Southeast Asia and Australia. Their flagship products, Number Masking, nOTP & Lead Assist, are getting good traction there as well. Shivku further added, "We already work with some of the biggest tech enabled businesses in SEA & Australia. In the coming years, we will see a larger portion of our revenue coming in from our overseas markets."

To ensure standardization of their security processes and policies, they recently implemented the ISO 27001:2013 certification, one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards. ISO 27001 uses a top-down, risk-based approach. Getting this certification was a great win for them and their customers.

Exotel also recently expanded their operations in India to three new circles including Jaipur, Indore & Kozhikode.

For more information, please visit https://exotel.com/ or follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/Exotel.