GoAir places its second order for 144 fuel-efficient GTF jet engines with Pratt & Whitney

GoAir airline on Wednesday announced that it has placed its second order for 144 fuel-efficient GTF jet engines with Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp.

"GTF-powered A320 neo has achieved a 16 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, a 75 per cent reduction in noise footprint and a 50 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. The second tranche of 72 Airbus A320 aircraft is expected to begin delivery in 2021," said GoAir in a statement.

Jeh Wadia, Managing Director, GoAir, said: "We are pleased to partner with Pratt & Whitney once again for our next batch of 72 Airbus A320neo aircraft. We believe that the P & W GTF fuel-efficient engines are the best-in-class and most suited for our network and operations."

"With its revolutionary geared fan technology the GTF engines will allow GoAir to fulfil its commitment towards carbon emissions. These benefits result in quieter communities, quieter flights and cleaner air. Besides, the GTF P & W engines will permit GoAir to continue its aggressive growth strategy and at the same time maintain our cost advantage," he added.

In 2011, GoAir had placed similar order for 144 Pratt & Whitney engines to power its 72 Airbus A320s. With today's announcement, GoAir has placed a cumulative order for 288 fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney GFT engines that will power its fleet of 144 Airbus A320neo aircraft.