COVID-19: Dr Dangs Lab to launch India's first drive through testing centre

New Delhi [India], April 5 (ANI): From Monday, Dr Dangs Lab, one of the private labs in the country, will launch India's first drive-through COVID-19 testing facility at Delhi's Punjabi Bagh area.

"This initiative is India's first-ever drive-through sample collection service for COVID-19. It is being started keeping in mind maximum safety and minimum exposure that is there for the patient and the medical staff while collecting samples. The sample collection officer would be wearing all the required personal protective equipment to maintain the highest levels of infection control and the swabs will be obtained through the car window with the patient sitting in the car," Dr Arjun Dang, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Dr Dangs Lab told ANI here.

He said, "In the heart of west Punjabi Bagh central market, we started the drive-through service, where all bookings are taken by prior appointments, including the number of the vehicle they will be coming by, that needs to be done on the website."

People can approach the testing facility by booking through Dr Dangs website and give any government identity as proof along with a doctor's prescription for a COVID-19 test.

"Three things are mandatory before your booking is confirmed. First one is a government ID. It could be an Aadhaar card or a passport with address proof. Second is the doctor's prescription, mentioning the doctor's registration number and also that they advice COVID-19 test. The third is completely filled patient pro forma," he added.

Testing is offered for the government-mandated price of Rs 4500 and a 20-minute slot will be given to every car that books the drive-through process.

Once drive-through is done, there will be a confirmation call and the patient will get a PDF with all the instructions. No public vehicles or two-wheelers are allowed.

The entire process will take 8-10 minutes and reports will be emailed or can be accessed on the website within 24-36 hours of sample collection. The CEO remarked that he got impressed with the drive-through model abroad and its successful implementation.

"I got inspiration from countries abroad which have used it as a very successful model and what inspired majorly is that people have apprehensions while getting a home collection done. What we have is seamless and very safe with minimum exposure to virus transmission," he said.

Dr Dangs lab will follow digital modes of payment and will not accept cash, thereby minimising contact.