Coronavirus: Now, Bhopal cops have a song about challenges and solutions

Now the department is ferrying local DJs from colony to colony who play the song and follow it up with a short message

People maintain social distance as they read holy scriptures sitting outside their homes during lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak, in Amritsar

Power Struggle Unsavoury news is trickling in for the Congress from Chhattisgarh. A power struggle is on between Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and senior minister T S Singh Deo. Singh Deo, 67, believes he should have been chief minister when the Congress secured a massive win in the Assembly polls in December 2018. With the Lok Sabha elections impending and the Congress keen to reach out to the OBCs (other backward classes) in the state, Baghel was given the job. Some in the party say an agreement was reached that Baghel would be chief minister for two and a half years and Singh Deo ...