Want to leave behind any controversy: Ratan Kahar after getting Rs 5 lakh from Badshaah

Bengali folk artiste Ratan Kahar on Wednesday said he was happy after talking to rapper Badshah, who had weaved lines of his folk song into 'Genda Phool' music video, and is now looking forward to collaborate with him together, leaving behind any controversy or bitterness.

Kahar confirmed that he has received Rs 5 lakh from Badshah on March 6 but said that more than monetary help, he is happy to get recognised as the original lyricist of the Bengali folk song.

"Yes, my son has confirmed Rs 5 lakh from Badshah has entered my bank account. But money is not everything, I am happy as he has credited me as the composer of the lyrics "Baro Loker Beti Lo" which he had weaved in his music video 'Genda Phool'. I want to leave behind any controversy," Kahartold PTI.

He said that Badshah had promised to visit his residence at Suri in Birbhum when the lockdown is lifted and "jointly take part in a musical programme."

Atanu Barman, who is close to Kahar and his family and one of the persons behind the media campaign over the issue, said, "Badshah had sent the amount after talking to Kahar over videoconferencing on April 3 and his family don't harbour any hurt feelings any more. But we wish Kahar's name be referred as one of the lyricists of the song, instead of merely referring it as Bengali folk song now."

On March 31, Badshah denied allegations that he used folk artiste Ratan Kahar's lyrics in his track "Genda Phool" without credits, saying he could not find the lyricist's name anywhere in the records.

Taking to Instagram, Badshah had said as an artiste, he would never rob another of his credit.

"Whosoever has tweeted me and all those who made this documentary and his well wishers, I want you to reach out to Ratan Kahar and tell him that I am here and he can reach out to me, I would love to help him. I have heard he is struggling financially and I want all my friends from the fraternity to support folk artistes," he had said.

As Badshah's team wanted to communicate with the singer through his local contacts, it was finally made possible on April 3.

The music video, starring Jacqueline Fernandez, debuted on March 25 and was among the top trends on YouTube but a section of social media users had pointed out how the song does not mention Kahar's name.

Kahar, who is in his 70s and hails from Birbhum in West Bengal, earlier claimed that he wrote the song but never got any recognition for it. His song has been recreated in the past as well.

Kahar said he first got to know that his song was used in the video after a theatre personality showed the video to him.