Covid-19 lockdown: 12-hr workday in Rajasthan factories, Punjab may follow

State invokes powers under Factories Act to extend maximum hours to 12 from eight earlier; Other states may follow as move is aimed to ensure production isn't impacted due to reduced workforce

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This will be applicable for all the exempted categories of industries that will be allowed to work through notifications issued by the central and the state governments

As industries prepare to restart operations in a staggered manner in the second phase of the lockdown, the Rajasthan government  has extended working hours at factories from a maximum of 8 hours to 12 hours a day to ensure production doesn’t take a hit with a limited workforce. The template is set to be followed by other states such as Punjab.   Rajasthan has used special powers under the Factories Act of 1948, which could be invoked during a public emergency, to make these changes for the next three months. This will apply to all the manufacturing activities ...