NEP 2020: Why learning in mother tongue is effective but hard to implement

The idea of using the mother tongue as the medium of instruction in primary school is not new to the Indian education system

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The 2011 Census listed 270 mother tongues; of these, as per a 2017 study, 47 languages were used as mediums of instruction in Indian classrooms.

Early schooling in a child's mother tongue, as recommended in the new National Education Policy, can improve learning, increase student participation and reduce the number of dropouts, according to an IndiaSpend analysis of evidence from around the world. However, this would need new books, fresh teacher training and more funding, experts said. Also, given the multiplicity of languages and dialects in India, it is difficult to home in on the one that can be used as the medium of instruction in an area. The National Education Policy (NEP) approved by the Union Cabinet on July 29, 2020, ...