Multiplexes get the go-ahead, but dark cloud still hangs over silver screen

Filmmakers are not expected to be in a hurry to release movies in the October-November period, implying the quarter will hardly come to the rescue of theatre owners

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Multiplex Association of India said permission from all states would go a long way in ensuring the film exhibition business recovers from the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is estimated at Rs 1,500 crore a month

The show must go on. Or so we were given to believe. The last six months have, however, demonstrated how terribly the show can get interrupted. After half a year of movie halls staying shut, the cinema industry has finally got the Centre’s go-ahead to resume screenings. But it’s easier said than done. Though the cinemas have welcomed the home ministry’s decision to lift the curbs and allow theatres to reopen from October 15, the battle is hardly over. As many as seven states are yet to give their assent to the home ministry’s guidelines. Maharashtra has ...