Tech supervision: Firms embrace digital screening to check new hires

Companies are opting for digital screening of prospective recruits to overcome the difficulty of physical checks during the pandemic, write Sai Ishwar and Bibhu Ranjan Mishra

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Much of the background-checking business has moved to big firms, pushing smaller players out of the space

The 2016 Global Profiles of Fraudsters report by KPMG states that some 65 per cent of fraudsters are employed by the victim organisation while a further 21 per cent are former employees. This number is expected to go up, as virtual onboarding of recruits and remote working become the new normal in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.   The need to mitigate the risks associated with today’s work environment models has given rise to the demand for a new service — “digital background screening”. This has also come as a huge opportunity for the Big Four consulting ...