Proposed health data policy puts question mark on privacy concerns

The propesed policy is built on the foundations of legislation that doesn't exist. It also seems to be more concerned about monetisation of such data, than with the protection of privacy

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There are already lots of digitised health data floating around. There’s been an increase in online consultations and telemedicine, as well as online ordering of drugs, digital prescriptions, et al

In September, an Australian cyber security researcher, Sami Toivonen, discovered that Dr Lal Path Labs had left the data of over a million customers exposed and unencrypted on the Amazon Web Services cloud. The data was recorded in some 9,000 spreadsheets, containing name, address, gender, date of birth, contact number, details of booking, doctor details, payment details, patient’s unique identification numbers, and details of when, where and in what lab that tests were done. Earlier, in February, an even larger set of data breaches was revealed. German research outfit ...