Smaller pharma firms post faster domestic sales growth in September

Barring Cipla and Glenmark, whose sales have grown in double digits due to demand for their Covid-19 drugs like favipiravir, tocilizumab, most big players have posted tepid growth

Approval for generics drug up but US business shrinks for home firms
Zuventus has marquee brands like Zinconia, a zinc supplement with high zinc content, which has seen significant uptake during Covid19.

Pharma sales have bounced back to a 4.5 per cent growth in September as fresh prescriptions grow. Smaller pharma firms have registered bigger growth in the domestic market, riding on capitalising existing brands, organising sales force, and launch of new brands.  Barring Cipla and Glenmark, which have clocked robust double-digit growth in September thanks to the sales of their Covid-19 treatment drugs like favipiravir and tocilizumab, most big players have posted tepid growth. Smaller firms such as Corona Remedies, Zuventus Healthcare, and Medley have clocked growth at a ...