China, far left 'desperate' for Biden's US election win: Donald Trump

China and the far left are "desperate" for Joe Biden's win as the Democratic presidential candidate will "surrender" jobs to China, President Donald Trump said

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

China and the far left are "desperate" for Joe Biden's win as the Democratic presidential candidate will "surrender" jobs to China, President Donald Trump said as he returned to the battleground State of Pennsylvania after being treated for COVID-19.

In his first political rally in Pennsylvania, which sends 20 electoral college votes, after he was tested positive for COVID-19, Trump on Tuesday hit hard at his political opponent, alleging that the former vice president is known for "surrender".

Biden will eliminate tariffs on China. He's already said he's going to take the tariffs off China. There goes your steel industry. There goes your aluminum industry. There goes everything. Allowing them to plunder without consequence, he said, addressing thousands of his supporters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The one constant in Biden's platform is surrender. He surrenders. He surrenders, whether it's China, whether it's Cuba. How about Cuba? How about the deal they made with Cuba? How bad was that one? I ended it, he said.

That's why both China and the far left are desperate for a Biden win because he will surrender our jobs to China. China will own the US if that sleepy guy gets the position, okay, Trump said.

Tump said that over the next four years, he will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world.

And we'll end our reliance on China once and for all. That's already happening. We'll hire more police, increased penalties for assault on law enforcement, and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities that people don't want, he said.

Unlike 'sleepy' Joe Biden, I will never abandon our nation, and I would never abandon its values. My goal is not to make friends in the DC swamp. My goal is to fight for you and fight for your family, said the president amidst applause from thousands of his supporters who came to listen him at a local airport, ignoring the social distancing restrictions of COVID-19.

Trump, 74, said while in 2017, he signed a historic executive order making it official government policy to buy American and hire American, his opponent has put forward a radical plan to eliminate US borders by implementing catch and release programmes that he ended.

Do you know what catch and release is? You catch a murderer, you catch a rapist coming across our border, and you release him. Catch, you catch him and release him. And you say, I'm sorry, three years from now, please come back for a court case. Nobody comes back, he said.

Imposing deadly sanctuary cities and suspending all removals. They don't want any removals. This is what Biden agreed to with crazy Bernie Sanders.

"When you have people that are in this country illegally, even if they're murderers, if they're rapists, no matter what they are, you can't remove them. We've removed tens of thousands of people, including MS-13, he said.

It would mean the total nullification of US borders overwhelming every city and town in America and especially in a place like Pennsylvania. Biden wins, your borders are gone, which means your health care is gone. The middle class is gone, and your safety is gone. Other than that, you'll be doing very nicely, Trump said.

He said his administration will uphold religious liberty, free speech, the right to keep arms and will "strike down terrorists who threaten American citizens, and we will keep America out of endless foreign ridiculous wars."

His administration, he said will maintain America's unrivaled military might and will ensure peace through strength.

And by the way we've rebuilt our military. I told you USD 2.5 trillion. We have weapons and equipment the likes of which no country has ever seen before. We are the envy of Russia. We are the envy of China. We are the envy of everybody. There is no country that has what we have, he said.