Covid-19 Factoid: Active cases in India down by 128,000 in last 15 days

Bihar crosses the 200,000 mark while Manipur reports its highest single-day spike

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

The global count of coronavirus cases has crossed 38.75 million, of which over 8.4 million are currently active. The global death toll is now over 1 million, with the US having the greatest number of deaths.

In India, the confirmed case count has crossed 7.3 million, of which less than 12 per cent or 812,390 cases are currently active. Recovery rate is over 87 per cent, with over 6.38 million people having beaten the infection. The death toll has crossed 100,000.

Here are some insights on the spread of the virus:

1. India recorded a drop of over 128,000 active cases in the last 15 days

India’s current active case count stands at 812,390, recording a drop of over 128,000 active cases in the last 15 days. The country has been recording more recoveries than adding new cases for 12 days in a row.

2. Bihar crossed 200,000 cases-mark

Bihar case count has crossed 200,000 mark. The state has been adding less than 1,500 cases in the last ten days. Over 94 per cent of total reported cases in the state have already recovered, the highest recovery rate among all India states.

3. Manipur report its highest single-day spike

The northeastern state added over 300 new cases on 14th October, the biggest single-day spike in the state. Overall, the current case tally in the state stands at over 14,000, of which 10,915 cases have already recovered.