All quiet at the country's exclusive clubs as regulars missing in action

Only about 50 per cent of the regulars are back, says the club staff

exclusive club
In Mumbai, but for The Chambers, one of India’s first business clubs at The Taj Mahal Palace, few of these highly sought-after socialising and networking hubs are seeing much activity | File Photo

The bars at the Delhi Gymkhana Club are closed. So is the Lady Willingdon Bath, as the swimming pool is known. There is limited service in the restaurants, but outdoors, people sit in small knots, determinedly cheerful. The library, gymnasium and the tennis and badminton courts are, however, open. “Initially, only 20 or 30 people would come in every day. Now 50-70 are visiting,” says the staff. This is a far cry from the 200-odd people who would make their way to the club every day.  Far away in Kolkata, home to some of the country’s oldest and most ...