BS READS: From phones to TVs - Xiaomi's smart rise in India's gadget market

India's smart home market, worth $3 billion, is estimated to double over the next two years. Yuvraj Malik explains how Chinese electronics maker Xiaomi is working to be at the top of this market

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The success of Mi band emboldened Xiaomi’s ambition, and executives in Beijing and Bengaluru began identifying consumer gadget categories to enter and designing products.

When Xiaomi pipped Samsung to become the No. 1 smartphone brand in September 2017, little did people outside of the Chinese firm know that another, much bolder, strategy was in the works. Three years into India at the time, Xiaomi had delighted consumers with low-cost feature-rich smartphones. The firm understood the pulse of the market and gained a mighty foothold in the supply chain. It then set its eyes on the ‘smart’ gadgets crown. Before 2017, all Xiaomi had outside of smartphones was a fitness tracker. The Mi Band was a modest 2,000-rupee wearable pedometer. ...