Biden leads Trump by 10 points in final days before election, says poll

According to the poll, Biden gathered support of around 52 per cent of registered voters, versus 42 per cent held by Trump

Joe Biden. Photo: Reuters
File Photo of Joe Biden. Photo: Reuters

A final poll conducted by NBC News and Wall Street Journal showed Biden having a substantial lead over US President Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2020 presidential elections. A majority of voters who were surveyed said they were unhappy with the way Trump handled the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the poll, Biden gathered support of around 52 per cent of registered voters, versus 42 per cent held by Trump.

Biden’s support, according to the poll, comes from Black voters, women, voters aged 18-34, whites with college degrees, and independents.
Trump is more popular among white voters, and voters without degrees, the poll said.
Trump on Sunday launches his final, two-day sprint of campaigning across the battleground states of the 2020 election in a dramatic bid to defy the polls and win a come-from-behind victory over Democrat Joe Biden.
Facing what appears to be a narrow path to re-election, Trump is to make stops in states likely to prove pivotal in deciding if he will remain in the White House for four more years or whether he will become the first president since George Bush in 1992 to fail in a bid for a second term.
Biden’s national lead over the Republican president has stayed relatively steady in recent months as the public health crisis over coronavirus has persisted. He is ahead 51 per cent to 43 per cent in the Reuters/Ipsos poll taken October 27-29.
But Trump is still close to Biden in enough state battlegrounds to give him the 270 state Electoral College votes needed to win a second term. Reuters/Ipsos polls show that the race remains a toss up in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona. Biden, who has made Trump’s response to the pandemic the central theme of his candidacy, will campaign on Sunday in Pennsylvania, a state that may well decide the winner of the election.
Trump will stage 10 rallies — five a day on Sunday and Monday.
He aims to generate enough momentum to drive an overwhelming turnout by his supporters on Tuesday.

18 Trump rallies led to over 30k Covid cases: Study
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