The Morning Show, Ep 4: Festive Season, GST Cess, Third Wave of Covid

Will consumers have to continue paying GST cess beyond July 2022? What will the Covid third wave be like? Will consumption stocks zoom amid festive cheer? Listen to this podcast to know more

BS Morning Show

The 45th GST Council Meet, the first physical one since the coronavirus outbreak, will be held in Lucknow today. What are the key issues the Council is likely to address?    The govt report on Air India plane crash at Kozhikode airport squarely blames the pilot for “misjudgment”. But there are serious questions on institutional failures. Where does the blame really lie? And what should be done to prevent such mishaps in future?   From hefty discounts to ironing out supply bottlenecks, India Inc is betting on revenge buying this festive season to perk ...