Spark missing from Delhi's fireworks hub, but Diwali may not be green

Firecrackers - a Diwali staple - are not a common sight this time round

A blanket ban has been imposed on firecrackers in the National Capital Region, keeping in view the air quality | Photos: Akshara Srivastava

Reaching Sadar Bazaar, Delhi’s cracker market, is an ordeal. Even on an ordinary day, this market of many markets in the walled city of Delhi that has history etched on practically every brick and stone, is packed with people. And today, on Dhanteras, the crowd is overflowing, cocking a snook at Covid protocols, as people indulge in some last-minute shopping for Diwali that includes everything — from glitzy buntings and sticker rangolis to wax diyas and idols of Ganesh and Lakshmi. However, firecrackers—a Diwali staple — are not a common sight this time round. ...