Mark Twain: The travelling philosopher

Humour isn't out of place in Mark Twain's journals, though. In fact, it ripples through his descriptions, creating traceries of light upon the grim landscapes of colonial rule

Radhika Oberoi

November is upon us, but I have chosen to linger in midsummer. This desire to dawdle instead of hurtling towards the end of 2021 has got nothing to do with the year. I have no affection for it, and am relieved that its Kafkaesque days will soon be over.  Midsummer, however, has its moments, and I plan to enjoy those for as long as I can, if only in the chimeric topography of my imagination. For we have sailed, Mark Twain and I; we have embarked upon a voyage, a lecture trip across the British Empire. His travelogue, Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World, published by ...