Tea industry heading towards crisis, says planters' association

Input prices have seen a steep rise, the planters' body said

tea producer McLeod Russel

The Tea Association of India (TAI) has expressed concern over decline in prices and drop in production, and cautioned that the industry could be heading towards a crisis.

Secretary General of TAI, P K Bhattacharya, said there has been a substantial drop in tea prices during November, both in Assam and West Bengal.

Input prices have also seen a steep rise, the planters' body said.

It said the total projected crop in 2021 is 1,330 million kg, a decline from 1,400 million kg in 2020, due to poor weather conditions and pest-related issues.

Bhattacharya said around 28 per cent of the crop is produced between October and mid-December.

He said coupled with the price decline, wages have also risen - 201 per cent in West Bengal from 2011-2021 and 186 per cent in Assam during the same period.