Betting early on multi-baggers: How Unicorn Ventures profit off start-ups

According to a PwC report, the Indian start-up ecosystem saw investments of over $10 billion in the third quarter of calendar 2021 from VCs

Venture Capital
Even then UIV has chosen to be rather conservative and continued its focus on early-stage funding and working closely with founders

Deena Jacob, co-founder of Open, a neo bank, believes that the support from their early investors is what made the bank sustain its growth trajectory in the initial days even when virtual banking was still just a concept in India. “I certainly agree that our early investor support was extremely crucial for us, especially when some of them backed us when the idea was still on paper. The inbound interest that we have seen from the institutional investors was largely driven by our early investors,” said Jacob. This was one of the earliest bets that the early-stage ...