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  • 23-Sep-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Balkanisation of India's markets

    The complexity in segmentation of customers and markets is only going to increase, and that too manifold

  • 09-Sep-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Textiles - The next hot sector

    What is needed at this time is only a more positive perception about the potential and the future of this sector

  • 26-Aug-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: A new class of private equity?

    India, or at least Indian economy, seems to be shining bright like never before

  • 12-Aug-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Customer comes last!

    Indian consumers are becoming better informed, more confident and assertive, and less tolerant of being taken for granted

  • 29-Jul-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Innovating solutions for India's challenges

    India first needs to innovate the solution itself, and then focus on the product

  • 15-Jul-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Calibrated approach

    India needs approaches which are all "calibrated" towards delivering quantum change simply because we have already lost decades

  • 01-Jul-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Intuitive decision-making

    Why strategic initiatives should be taken based more on a vision and entrepreneurial ¿gut-based¿ decision process in India

  • 25-Jun-2010 | Arvind Singhal


    The India Way — How India’s Top Business Leaders Are Revolutionising Management (Peter Capelli et al) may well mark a strong beginning of an onslaught of tomes attempting to analyse how Indian entrepreneurs/business leaders manage their ...

  • 17-Jun-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: India's Ray Crocs and Estee Lauders

    Dreaming entrepreneurially and starting small may be more productive than polishing up CVs and waiting for that interview call

  • 03-Jun-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The next Tagores and Ramans

    It was wonderful to read about the prodigious feat of IIT JEE Delhi topper Sahal Kaushik and his interest in pursuing physics and maths over engg

  • 20-May-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The decline of traditional marketplaces

    It has taken just one single year to get many retail marketplaces come crashing down

  • 06-May-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: A glut of MBAs?

    We not only have an oversupply of MBAs already, but have MBAs whose academic and experience profile actually makes them another "brick in the wall"

  • 22-Apr-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: A world too flat for comfort

    A volcanic eruption in a not-so-prominent region has has triggered an unprecedented tsunami of human and economic disruption

  • 08-Apr-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The crisis of communication

    Good command of written and spoken English will become one of the most sought after qualities in the Indian manager of the future

  • 25-Mar-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Game change in health care?

    Fortis' investment and acquisition of a significant stake in Parkway of Singapore is a potential game-changer

  • 11-Mar-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The four A's of education

    It is very heartening to see that education has finally started to attract the attention it has always deserved

  • 25-Feb-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Budgeting for systemic efficiency

    Unless the political leadership starts looking at the bigger picture it is unlikely that we can sustain high economic growth rates

  • 11-Feb-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Myopia-induced inflation

    In the medium term, India's food security appears to be under serious threat

  • 28-Jan-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Reinterpreting CSR

    Hopefully, sometime in the future, the Republic Day will also see bestowing of awards to exemplary innovators and practitioners of CSR

  • 14-Jan-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Rebranding India

    The benefits of a successful branding effort are well understood in the context of consumer products and services. Power brands provide a strong emotional connect between the marketer and the consumer that goes far beyond just the physical ...

  • 01-Jan-2010 | Arvind Singhal

    A missed opportunity

    Steady economic growth for the last 18 years has, expectedly, led to an unprecedented interest in the Indian consumption opportunity. This interest is global, and almost every significant international company has given India and the Indian market a ...

  • 31-Dec-2009 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: Take a breather, map the value chain

    As the first decade of this new millennium ends, there is no doubt that India and Indian business have made a dramatic progress

  • 17-Dec-2009 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: A future-defining decade ahead

    If the current decade gave India the confidence to dream big, the coming one may well decide if those dreams could ever become a reality

  • 03-Dec-2009 | Arvind Singhal

    Arvind Singhal: The threatened traditional marketplace

    While the debate on the impact of modern retail on the traditional one continues, there are unmistakable signs that there will be a far-reaching impact of modern, well-conceptualised shopping centres on the traditional marketplaces if such ...