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  • 08-Aug-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    Emergence & economy of coffee shops in India

    People hang out there for relaxation, leisure, romance, negotiations, fixing marriage and divorce, businesses, real estate deals, interviews, counselling, studies, projects, and what not

  • 13-Jul-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    As yet, just a protest vote

    In the absence of fundamental legal changes, 'NOTA' is only a means of expressing disapproval of all the candidates in an election, with no ability to influence the result

  • 19-May-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    Tactical voting in our democracy

    Psephologists and social scientists might have lot more attention to pay to "tactical voting" statistics for a better understanding of our democracy

  • 26-Apr-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    The untappable floating voters of India

    In our multi-party democracy, floating voters maybe categorised into many groups. Some voters are certainly independent, while some are soft-hearted supporters who change their support quite often

  • 20-Mar-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    Just enjoy the opinion polls

    Is an opinion poll a self-fulfilling prophecy? Does it have enough potential to control the future?

  • 23-Feb-2019 | Atanu Biswas & Abhinandan Sinha

    Why a Universal Basic Income may not be a great idea for India

    A Universal Basic Income cannot be a magic bullet. Cash alone cannot wipe out the disparities in a complex, unequal society such as India, divided by caste, religion and gender differences

  • 16-Feb-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    Putting the EVM controversy to rest

    Doubts about the reliability of electronic voting machines will continue unless election results obtained through EVMs and voter-verified paper trails are matched through statistically rigorous tests

  • 05-Feb-2019 | Atanu Biswas

    Romancing Brexit, then and now

    Romancing the idea of Brexit is quite different from 'Brexit Romance', as depicted by Clementine Beauvais in her novel

  • 08-Dec-2018 | Atanu Biswas

    A modern-day comedy of errors: Why exit polls often go wrong in India

    Exit polls often go wrong in India because pollsters do not sample voters in the poorest parts of the country or the core support bases of different political parties

  • 24-Nov-2018 | Atanu Biswas

    Rethinking Census 2021

    Is it time to think beyond the traditional questionnaire-based approach in India as well?

  • 13-Oct-2018 | Atanu Biswas

    How Durga Puja can do wonders for Bengal's economy

    While Puja shopping and Puja periodicals still dominate Bengalis' lives, their characteristics have changed significantly

  • 03-Sep-2018 | Atanu Biswas

    Big data, bigger aspiration, little expertise

    People from every sector - be they in industry, sports, health care, or national policymaking - are now obsessed with big data and aspire to use them in every bit of lifestyle

  • 08-Aug-2018 | Atanu Biswas & Bimal Roy

    Self-verification to ensure data integrity

    The hash function, used for digital signature, could help ensure data integrity. But it's only about identification, not correction