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  • 12-Dec-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    The fall and rise of Asia

    Book review of 'Asia Reborn: A Continent Rises from the Ravages of Colonialism and War to a New Dynamism'

  • 06-Dec-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    J&K: Dispute without end

    Book review of Destined to Fight? India and Pakistan (1990-2017)

  • 03-Oct-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    Partition, blow by blow

    Book review of 'Partition: The Story of Indian Independence and the Creation of Partition in 1947'

  • 05-Sep-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    Hinduism as it is lived

    Book review of 'The Life of Hinduism'

  • 14-Aug-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    How Gandhi fought the caste system

    Book review of 'Gandhi Against Caste'

  • 24-Jul-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    The 'other' view of sociology

    Book review of 'QED: India Tests Social Theory'

  • 28-Jun-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    A nationalist's history of India

    The author has made a heroic effort to refute the colonial description of India

  • 15-May-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    Islam versus democracy

    Fazzur Rahman Siddiqui, the author of this book, has focused attention on 'political Islam'

  • 06-Apr-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    Ideas of Hinduism

    Book review: Hinduism in India

  • 20-Feb-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    An idea of medieval India

    The author has devoted attention to issues like Indian feudalism and de-urbanisation

  • 02-Feb-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    The colonial impulse

    The Theft of India: The European Conquests of India, 1498-1765

  • 03-Jan-2017 | C P Bhambhri

    Religious pasts vs political presents

    A volume on religion and modernity published in 2016 does not have a chapter on the Sangh Parivar

  • 31-Oct-2016 | C P Bhambhri

    Collusion and collision during the Emergency

    The Emergency, imposed by prime minister Indira Gandhi between June 25, 1975 and January 18, 1977, remains one of the darkest periods of Indian politics

  • 27-Sep-2016 | C P Bhambhri

    Hinduism and the Hindu Rashtra

    The book raises the broad question: If India is a Hindu Rashtra, in which religion and politics overlap, then what is Hinduism?

  • 21-Jul-2016 | C P Bhambhri

    The new world troika

    Ms Anja Manuel has tackled political systems and dissent in both countries as interrelated themes

  • 30-May-2016 | C P Bhambhri

    The revolutionary impulse

    Serious writing on the history of India is always welcome because so many myths and mythologies are in vogue

  • 05-Aug-2015 | C P Bhambhri

    The other legacy of Partition

    The political historiography of Partition has been a popular subject of research by Indian, Pakistani and Anglo-American scholars, not least because of the magnitude of the tragedy. This study by Anam Zakaria is of a very different nature. Instead ...

  • 02-Apr-2015 | C P Bhambhri

    The Kashmir question without answers

    England and France, two neighbouring countries divided by a narrow channel of water, fought a famous Hundred Years War that ended in 1453. Most of Europe, too, fought internecine wars almost continuously throughout medieval and modern times, ...

  • 12-Mar-2015 | C P Bhambhri

    The plunder that was colonialism

    Political history had once occupied high status in the teaching and study of historiography in universities and schools not only in Europe and America but also in India. The focus of studies in political history was all-inclusive; it did not ...

  • 04-Sep-2014 | C P Bhambhri

    Mystique and the Man

    It is a tribute to the commitment of the intelligentsia that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attracted serious attention from important analysts. Ramesh Menon's book is part of that trend, offering a clinical analysis of a leader who, he says, has ...