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  • 24-Nov-2018 | Gautam Mehra

    Well begun, but only half done

    The country has vaulted from 130 to 77 in the ease of doing business rankings in two years, but much work remains to be done in half a dozen areas where the scores are poor

  • 13-Feb-2018 | Gautam Mehra

    Beyond Arun Jaitley's Budget Speech

    Major change proposed by Finance Bill is introduction of the concept of taxing income in India based on 'significant economic presence'

  • 26-Aug-2017 | Gautam Mehra & Nehal Sampat

    Managing offshore funds from India needs tax reforms

    The private equity industry is largely not expected to benefit as yet from the safe harbour rules

  • 17-Feb-2006 | Gautam Mehra

    Issues in the budget: Fringe Benefit Tax

  • There is a fundamental argument raised against the applicability of fringe benefit tax provisions for cases where expenditure can justifiably be proved as not having been incurred, either for