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  • 09-Nov-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    What you see is not what you get

    I must admit that on many quiet evenings, I do miss not having an option for better culinary experiences which cities offer

  • 12-Oct-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Winds of change

    Santiniketan is more a weekend getaway for merry making, drinking and binge buying of crass handicrafts

  • 14-Sep-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    The truth about training

    Considering the size of our country and the number of letters/parcels delivered every day, the courier guys are doing a wonderful job

  • 10-Aug-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    The other side of empowerment

    While for the Hindu girls, it is an acquired skill to help them earn a living, for the Muslim girls, embroidery is a way of life

  • 07-Jul-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Surface embellishments

    It had been over a month and a half and I had forgotten about the "credit", said the author

  • 23-Jun-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Stitches to order

    Kantha is an art that they learn from their mothers and grandmothers and take immense pride in their creations

  • 19-May-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    You've been served

    Amidst the plastic and the steel surely an occasional wood tray would set the home decor of these zealous feeders apart

  • 21-Apr-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Misplaced aspirations

    The dumps of garbage covering many areas on the land under the jurisdiction of the University is proof the Visva-Bharati University can't even clean its own backyard

  • 24-Mar-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Direction seekers: Middle of afternoon not a good time to ask for direction

    The younger generation, well armed as they are with their GPS, poses less of a challenge

  • 17-Feb-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    Of parks and music

    Handing over large chunks of public lands to private profiteering can hardly be the solution for a clean environment

  • 19-Jan-2018 | Keya Sarkar

    The dirty state of affairs

    When a long-time Santiniketan lover, a Swede told a Bengali gentleman to not chuck plastic out of his SUV, he apparently turned to him to remark, 'So what? This is my country.'

  • 22-Dec-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Having the last laugh

    The author is talking about Shantiniketan

  • 04-Nov-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    An ode to greed

    Author talks about the large-scale influx of encroachers into the campus of Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan

  • 06-Oct-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    How GST, note ban curbed festival noise

    Where the administration and police failed, just demonetisation and GST did the trick, writes the author

  • 08-Sep-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    The monied father

    Tale of a 'modest family' helping their daughter seek education

  • 11-Aug-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Joys and travails of monsoon

    The part of the monsoons that I like in Santiniketan are the bhuttas, writes the author

  • 14-Jul-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    When you get the GST blues

    Only half a dozen sales tax consultants, service around 3,000 shops in Santiniketan and Bolpur

  • 09-Jun-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Profit is a four-letter word

    A contractual relationship between an employer and employee is somehow unacceptable

  • 13-May-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    Taking foreign tourists for a ride

    Two of the three women were French, who had come for a yoga retreat in Mysore

  • 14-Apr-2017 | Keya Sarkar

    A timely and useful gift

    Bleaching powder is sprinkled in front of every entrance of the house to keep snakes at bay