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  • 18-May-2018 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Did China just bribe Trump to undermine National Security?

    A Chinese state-owned company just announced a big investment in a project in which the Trump Organization has a substantial stake

  • 09-Sep-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Dreamers, liars and bad economics

    Jeff Sessions chose to put economics front, declaring DACA denied jobs to thousands of Americans

  • 06-Sep-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    The very bad economics of killing DACA

    DREAMers are young - which means that they help the economy in not one but two big ways

  • 22-Aug-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    What will Trump do to American workers?

    The decades since Reagan have been marked by vastly increased inequality

  • 20-Jun-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Zombies, vampires and Republicans

    This isn't a Trump story; it's about the cynicism and corruption of the whole congressional GOP

  • 06-Jun-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Making ignorance great again

    Questions raised on Trump's administration efforts with health reforms

  • 03-Jun-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Trump gratuitously rejects the Paris climate accord

    Bulk of electricity would come from nonpolluting sources, wind, solar and probably nuclear

  • 04-Apr-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Trump is wimping out on trade

    The point is that Trumptrade is running into the same wall that caused Trumpcare to crash and burn

  • 14-Feb-2017 | Paul Krugman | NYT

    Ignorance Is Strength

    Republican ignorance has turned what was supposed to be a blitzkrieg against Obamacare into quagmire

  • 31-Jan-2017 | Paul Krugman

    Building a wall of ignorance

    US government hasn't always done the right thing. But it has kept its promises, to everyone alike

  • 26-Sep-2016 | Paul Krugman

    Paul Krugman: Progressive family values

    Child care economics is in some ways like health economics. We can't trust unregulated markets to deliver a decent outcome

  • 30-Jul-2016 | Paul Krugman

    Who loves America?

    It has been quite a week in politics. On one side, the Democratic National Convention was very much a celebration of America. On the other side, the Republican nominee for president, pressed on the obvious support he is getting from Vladimir Putin, ...

  • 07-Feb-2016 | Paul Krugman

    'Futurism' is in the past

    Back in the 1960s there was a briefly popular wave of "futurism," of books and articles attempting to predict the changes ahead

  • 26-Jun-2015 | Paul Krugman

    The conscience of a liberal

    I've been staying fairly quiet on Greece, not wanting to shout Grexit in a crowded theater. But given reports from the negotiations in Brussels, something must be said - namely, what do the creditors, and in particular the IMF, think they're ...

  • 03-Mar-2015 | Paul Krugman

    Paul Krugman: Walmart's visible hand

    The retailer's wage hike seems to reflect the same forces that led to the Great Compression, albeit in a much weaker form

  • 27-Jan-2015 | Paul Krugman

    Ending Greece's nightmare

    What actually transpired was an economic and human nightmare. Far from ending in 2011, the Greek recession gathered momentum

  • 20-Oct-2014 | Paul Krugman

    Amazon's monopsony is not OK

    Amazon, which dominates online book sales, is acting as a monopsonist, a dominant buyer with the power to push prices down

  • 13-Oct-2014 | Paul Krugman

    Paul Krugman: Righteousness killed the economy

    In Europe, austerity policies have been driven less by economic analysis than by Germany's moral indignation over the notion that irresponsible borrowers might not face the full consequences of their actions

  • 28-Sep-2014 | Paul Krugman

    The dismal science

    The economics profession has not, to say the least, covered itself in glory these past six years. Hardly any economists predicted the 2008 crisis - and the handful who did tended to be people who also predicted crises that didn't happen. More ...

  • 28-Dec-2013 | Paul Krugman

    The fear economy

    When the economy is weak, workers have a very weak hand and employers are in a position to work them harder, pay them less, or both