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  • 05-Mar-2021 | Sarthak Choudhury

    Ease of Living Index: Bengaluru pips Pune, emerges as most liveable city

    Among the 49 cities ranked in the 'million-plus population' category, Delhi figures in the 13th spot and Srinagar at the bottom

  • 05-Mar-2020 | Sarthak Choudhury

    Forgotten hero

    Book review of Halla Bol: The Death and Life of Safdar Hashmi

  • 14-Feb-2020 | Sarthak Choudhury

    Tolerating intolerance

    Ms Vaidik's book is framed as a narrative to her son in which she demonstrates how violence has pervaded mythologies, folklore and language

  • 28-Jan-2020 | Sarthak Choudhury

    Beyond the idea of 'Pure'

    Throughout the book, Mr Fuchs does not fall prey to the temptation to create a black and white binary regarding Shi'is and Sunnis