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  • 05-Dec-2015 | Shivam Saini

    Manoj Bhargava: Lucknow boy

    Indian-born American billionaire Manoj Bhargava, the man behind 5-hour Energy drink, is a mix of tradition and modernity

  • 28-Nov-2015 | Shivam Saini

    Flying into the past

    Tracey Curtis Taylor, the 53-year-old aviator, tells author about her unique flight in a vintage biplane from Britain to Australia

  • 21-Nov-2015 | Shivam Saini

    Instant medicine

    The author seeks answers from online 'doctors' only to find the diagnosis haphazard and their advice off the mark

  • 07-Nov-2015 | Shivam Saini

    People who say that India is going through intolerant times have amnesia: Anupam Kher

    Interview with Bollywood actor

  • 07-Nov-2015 | Shivam Saini

    The wishlist

    The season of gifting is here. The author puts together a hamper for the connoisseur

  • 31-Oct-2015 | Shivam Saini

    Bringing Charles Sobhraj to life

    The fictional account of the devious ways of one the world's most notorious criminals is fascinating

  • 26-Feb-2014 | Shivam Saini

    The goddess of all things

    On June 1, 2001, around 20 members of the royal family of Nepal gathered at the Narayanhiti Palace in Kathmandu for their customary soiree. After drinks had been served in the billiard room, the host, 29-year-old Crown Prince Dipendra, appeared from ...

  • 24-Aug-2013 | Shivam Saini

    Taking root

    With salons, eateries and boutiques, the African community is slowly finding a footing in Delhi. Their businesses might yet be small and the challenges big, but they are convinced that India is inextricably linked to their future

  • 22-Aug-2013 | Shivam Saini

    Lives and businesses of Africans in Delhi

    A growing number of Africans are looking for business opportunities in the national capital

  • 17-May-2013 | Shivam Saini

    The more things change...

    For all its noise about gender equality, the media seems reluctant to overstep the boundaries of regressive social norms

  • 02-Apr-2013 | Shivam Saini

    The 'mindbugs' within

    Two American academics show how humans subconsciously harbour biases

  • 06-Oct-2012 | Shivam Saini

    Afghan business

    Delhi has a sizeable Afghan community, long-time residents & visitors who come seeking medical help

  • 10-May-2012 | Shivam Saini

    Why it's ok to be an introvert

    Remember the kid at school who seemed to have nothing to say even as the classroom was an awful din, and who performed consistently poorly in all manner of interactive activities? Or the chap in office who would always cop out at the last minute ...

  • 03-Mar-2012 | Shivam Saini

    Streetside stories

    Here’s a quick tip to stave off unfavourable reviews: in the preface, offer a number of reasons to justify the missing links in the book. Need an exemplar? Pick up journalist Rajendar Menen’s new book, Karma Sutra.

  • 15-Nov-2011 | Shivam Saini


    For once, let’s excuse back-cover exaggeration, which is doubtless customary.

  • 20-Sep-2011 | Shivam Saini

    Losing the plot

    A story about an ordinary man in a rather extraordinary fix,” the blurb goes. Not once, however, through the 312 pages of the novel does the fix seem to qualify as “extraordinary”, nor does the man appear that ...

  • 25-Jun-2011 | Shivam Saini

    'Where are my car keys?'

    Joshua Foer won the 2006 US Memory Championship. Moonwalking with Einstein tells the story of his transformation from normal, forgetful human being to champion of recall.

  • 07-May-2011 | Shivam Saini

    A page from the forces

    A century-old house journal is more than a magazine for the armed forces.

  • 30-Mar-2011 | Shivam Saini

    Usage, abusage and cover ups

    Winston Churchill once said, “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” But the shrewd political leader took little care to avoid plain speaking in other circumstance. Once at a dinner ...

  • 05-Mar-2011 | Shivam Saini

    Shivam Saini: Unhealthy silence

    Little is known about the number of healthcare waste collection personnel in India and the job-related hazards to which they are exposed