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  • 25-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Precious little demand

    Gold's prospects are dull

  • 19-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Follow my leader

    Sweden can be trailblazer for global rate-setters

  • 13-Jan-2016 | Swaha Pattanaik


    ECB concedes oil and inflation do mix

  • 30-Dec-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Not so super

    Giants of central banking will be cut down to size

  • 11-Dec-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Of mice and men

    Road to ruin is paved with market prophecies

  • 29-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Friends in the right places

    Turkey has more friends in politics than markets

  • 19-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Tug of war

    Investors get too comfy over US-euro divergence

  • 17-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Carte blanche

    France can afford budget-busting security spend

  • 16-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Circle of friends

    Paris attacks crystallise Britain's EU choices

  • 15-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Opposing forces

    Paris attacks can both unify and cleave Europe

  • 04-Nov-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik


    Oil funds misery may leak into global markets

  • 30-Sep-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Ebbing power

    Draghi lacks arrows to hit ECB's inflation target

  • 29-Sep-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    The greater good

    Hollande risks political hara-kiri for French good

  • 22-Sep-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Stuck in the middle with debt

    European bond auctions are crying out for change

  • 20-Sep-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Plus ca change

    French central bank spat shows Hollande's tin ear

  • 11-Sep-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Marx and sparks

    Cameron's EU bind has a Marxist tinge

  • 26-Aug-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Safety with catches

    Investors struggle to find true safe havens

  • 23-Aug-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Gadarene rush

    Equity investors succumb too willingly to gloom

  • 20-Aug-2015 | Neil Unmack & Swaha Pattanaik

    Confidence trick

    Portugal offers drama without a crisis

  • 05-Aug-2015 | Swaha Pattanaik

    Outside forces

    Oil price slide complicates life for central banks