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  • 19-Dec-2018 | TCA Anant

    The power of narratives

    In contrast to narratives, facts and fact-based presentations are messy, often delayed, and convey many conflicting messages

  • 22-Nov-2018 | TCA Anant

    How many inflations are there?

    In an unequal world, the CPI reflects prices only for a small segment of the population who are close to the average

  • 16-Oct-2018 | TCA Anant

    Reforming higher education

    The increasing burden of teaching being devolved onto guest lecturers and ad-hoc teachers creates a peculiar paradox

  • 18-Sep-2018 | TCA Anant

    Measurement in a strategic world

    The nature of the proposed measure, it's relationship to the objective then becomes crucial in understanding both how a policy will evolve and what will be the nature of the outcome

  • 07-Aug-2018 | TCA Anant

    Ethics in statistical reporting

    Statistical work should be impartial, and be based on concepts, sources, methods and procedures that meet professional scientific standards and are transparent to the users

  • 20-Jul-2018 | TCA Anant

    Potemkin villages

    Reform in Higher Education is and should be a process; not frenzied action but deliberation; which involves building consensus amongst the key stakeholders

  • 13-Jun-2018 | TCA Anant

    The problem with examinations

    To understand the problem with public examinations we need to understand the different objectives they serve and how they interact and conflict with each other

  • 16-May-2018 | TCA Anant

    The problem with opinion polls

    The problem is that such data, based on people's responses, as with political opinions for election analysis, is overly subjective and imprecise, and the resultant statistics are prone to misuse