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A stepwell in Vasad, Gujarat

Photo exhibition: The link between Australian aborigines and the Dravidians

John Gollings takes us through some of the most fascinating built heritage

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Economic Indicators

Instrument 11/03/2015 1 year ago
Call Rate 7.30 8.10
5 yrs GSec 7.30 8.92
10 yrs GSec 7.74 8.76
Bank rate 8.75 9.00
PLR 11.00/15.75 1.00/15.75
Deposit rate 8.00/8.75 8.00/9.25

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2008 Henriot Brut ($85), 2009 Pol Roger Brut ($78), 2008 Delamotte ($76) are good value bets

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Cover story: Placing the cover of each volume side by side, in a sequence starting with the first volume, yields a skilfully illustrated scene of the Samudra Manthan or the churning of the ocean



A chequered year, a test of mettle ahead

Anurag Thakur Business Standard takes a look at, who went up and who came down politics


Why a Universal Basic Income may not be a great idea for India

A Universal Basic Income cannot be a magic bullet. Cash alone cannot wipe out the disparities in a complex, unequal society such as India, divided by caste, religion and gender differences

Windfall gain for the poor?

Workers joining the Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan Scheme for the informal sector will get a better return on their savings if they enrol later in their careers

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