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Narendar Pani

The ethics of inequality

It's not good enough to be rich if you are a Dalit as well

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    The authors tell us, in some detail, about Mahmood the educationist, whose experiences at Cambridge shaped the manner in which learning was ...

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    This is a book written with scrupulous honesty, even innocence

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Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Devanadha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy, committee member at SRS Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi

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Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt perform rituals during their wedding ceremony, at his residence 'Vastu', in Mumbai. (ANI Photo)

Economic Indicators

Instrument 11/03/2015 1 year ago
Call Rate 7.30 8.10
5 yrs GSec 7.30 8.92
10 yrs GSec 7.74 8.76
Bank rate 8.75 9.00
PLR 11.00/15.75 1.00/15.75
Deposit rate 8.00/8.75 8.00/9.25

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Music composer Vanraj Bhatia. PHOTO CREDIT: Zubin Balaporia, CC BY 4.0;; Wikimedia Commons

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Winston Churchill



For indigenous people and women, Ash Barty's Wimbledon win is historic

Ashleigh Barty, Tennis She is one of only a handful of indigenous Australian women who are both sporting champions and household names


SC verdict on GST Council's recommendations will have no practical impact

Why has no state, since July 2017 when GST was implemented, set different rates for itself? The answer is self-interest

Mandir, masjid, truth, reconciliation

That temples were destroyed and mosques built is undisputed history. The past can't be changed, but we can't deny the wrongs of the past, either, before we consider reconciliation

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