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Kanika Datta



  • Open season on religion

    08-05-2018 17:27:00

    If open-air namaz represents a law and order problem and potential land jihad, then Khattar should also be exercised about kawariyas, jagrans and trees on public land that morph into temples

  • Kanika Datta: TINA at Tata

    13-01-2017 12:03:00

    Natarajan Chandrasekaran will be, in effect, the second TINA candidate to make it to this top job

  • Donald Trump: LOUTUS in charge

    09-11-2016 14:55:00

    Describing the nature of the man who is to govern the American people, the acronym POTUS could well change now

  • Belle Epoque and a nuclear deal

    03-04-2015 23:30:00

    Breakthrough at Beau Rivage on April 2 could mark the start of a new chapter in Iran-US relations