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  • Very, very common jokes

    02-02-2015 12:17:00

    RK Laxman's cartoons never brought in a chuckle; but they hit a place much higher and much deeper -- memory

  • All the Queen's gold

    21-10-2014 13:12:00

    Though Jayalalithaa was convicted mainly for land grabbing, it was the images of 30 kg of gold that remained in public memory

  • An Ode to a Venetian wedding

    28-09-2014 11:47:00

    It is not just his looks, but also his voice, charm and his celebration of bachelorhood that made George Clooney the ultimate King of Single Women

  • Lock, stock and cupboard

    25-03-2014 18:47:00

    The lament of a stuffed wardrobe owner

  • Jokes and truths with lots of malice

    20-03-2014 14:33:00

    There was never enough bad press for a man like Khushwant Singh. Was he portraying a more colourful life than he actually had?

  • To WhatsApp plus FB: Do not disturb

    20-02-2014 17:25:00

    Hope Facebook does not merge WhatsApp with its own messaging platform

  • It is Facebook versus WhatsApp

    09-11-2013 21:50:00

    Why mobile users prefer the SMS-like app to the social media site

  • God's own advertising platform

    26-08-2013 15:35:00

    A former housewife, this godwoman uses press releases and technology to market her divinity