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Viewing the Indian pharma sector through the biosimilar lens

January 21, 2017 Last Updated at 14:12 IST

Budget is expected to provide certain incentives to promote innovation & in-house R&D in the sector

There should be no GST on healthcare services: Gautam Khanna

January 20, 2017 Last Updated at 17:07 IST

Imposition of high GST on medical equipment would affect the overall cost structure of healthcare

Zero customs duty on medical device to kill Make in India program: GSK Velu

January 20, 2017 Last Updated at 15:50 IST

India can learn from China and Brazil on how to become import independent and export focused

Imports of electric fan are expected to reduce further: Rakesh Khanna

January 20, 2017 Last Updated at 15:06 IST

Budget should take steps to improve the quality of life in rural India & give boost to economy

Government must take measures to achieve the goal of universal healthcare

January 20, 2017 Last Updated at 13:42 IST

India can take a leaf or two out of Obamacare to undertake regulatory reforms in healthcare sector