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  • Bibek Debroy

    Ups and downs in the Railways Bibek Debroy

    There are several chapters that transcend the personal and have insights about railway policy - dishonesty and falsification of records, safety and corruption

  • Shuma Raha

    Call of the beard Shuma Raha

    The world would be an awfully boring place if most men went around with facial hair, says the author

  • Veenu Sandhu

    Treasuring our past, their way Veenu Sandhu

    Among them are letters from Gandhi, documents related to Partition, including one that carries thousands of signatures against the move to divide the country, and other such crucial records

  • Uttaran Das Gupta

    Small-town angst Uttaran Das Gupta

    In the second story, Ankush and his wife, Taruna - a survivor of child sex abuse - encounter a crisis that brings their relationship to the very edge, before a catharsis of sorts

  • Kishore Singh

    Getting into auction season Kishore Singh

    Four auctions in the space of just one month makes the eco-system for art consumption appear quite healthy

  • Aakar Patel

    Shifting classes, shifting culture Aakar Patel

    One area that needs more study is how the entry of the hundreds of millions into low-income status has affected entertainment content

  • Alok Chandra

    The writing on the bottle Alok Chandra

    Here are some of the best wine magazines

  • J Jagannath

    Cyber heists J Jagannath

    Irumbu Thirai is a sober account of how our daily smartphone use can be our nemesis

  • Mitali Saran

    What Citizen Pranab Mukherjee said, and didn't say, at the RSS headquarters Mitali Saran

    Mitali Saran has a go at decoding the former President's thought at Hindutva's bastion

  • Shuma Raha

    Victory in Ireland Shuma Raha

    Those who campaign against abortions say that they speak for the unborn child

  • Kishore Singh

    The Indian art ensemble Kishore Singh

    The Indian exhibit is set within this historicised parameter

  • Aakar Patel

    Travel for travel's sake Aakar Patel

    The accusation that writer V S Naipaul makes against Indians is that they are inward-looking. He means that we don't observe the outside world

  • Vikram Johri

    Rise of the Opposition Vikram Johri

    Will the Opposition's move to checkmate the BJP yield results? A year is a long time but the trends are not promising.

  • J Jagannath

    Crusader with wit J Jagannath

    Deadpool 2 is a prime example that more superhero movies must aspire to: woke rather than vapid and soulless

  • Itu Chaudhuri

    The business of consulting Itu Chaudhuri

    The digital darlings represent the school of creative disruption