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  • Uttaran Das Gupta

    Frames per Second: The strange career of Kissa Kursi Ka Uttaran Das Gupta

    The film critical of Indira Gandhi's regime was banned during the Emergency, but what's the purpose of continued censorship now?

  • Mihir S Sharma

    Serial entertainers Mihir S Sharma

    Literary fandom in East Asia is certainly of a different, and usually more intense, quality than elsewhere

  • Aakar Patel

    Feeding into the feedback Aakar Patel

    The democratisation of social media carries with it the understanding that its users will be responsible. For this reason it is less regulated than print or television media

  • Kishore Singh

    The forgotten Bombay School Kishore Singh

    Bombay School was based on realism, or naturalism, as taught by the colonial mindset that patterned it.

  • Ranjita Ganesan

    Animal instinct Ranjita Ganesan

    Gaav inspires reflection on widely held, and poorly judged, ideas of what it is to be and appear and behave 'human'

  • Uttaran Das Gupta

    Little letters of love Uttaran Das Gupta

    Amit Shankar Saha has quietly carved a niche for himself in the overactive world of Indian poetry in English

  • Veenu Sandhu

    How multiplexes systematically killed the democratic movie-going experience Veenu Sandhu

    Even with its class divisions, the cinema hall seated everyone. A different ecosystem altogether, it was far more organic

  • Alok Chandra

    Wine ratings explained Alok Chandra

    Three- and five-point ratings don't address the subject adequately, and wine producers themselves cannot be relied upon to be objective.

  • Aakar Patel

    The Black Lives Matter protests and the swift change they are triggering Aakar Patel

    Remarkably, the protests have had an impact across borders. In the United Kingdom, the statue of a slave trader was uprooted and dumped in the river

  • Arundhuti Dasgupta

    The mythology of fear Arundhuti Dasgupta

    Instead of its once haloed existence as the year of lofty goals and vision statements, it is now staring at an epitaph that may well read: The year when death ran amok and the gods went missing.

  • Ranjita Ganesan

    Inside Dr Caligari's cabinet Ranjita Ganesan

    Paying attention to words thoughtfully chosen for the intertitles, and observing the actors' purposefully exaggerated moods, is really a high form of meditation

  • Kishore Singh

    No painter of pretty pictures Kishore Singh

    If Amitava's early practice was characterised by anger, he has since tempered it with wisdom, yet he remains a chronicler of social wrongs, writes Kishore Singh

  • Uttaran Das Gupta

    Panther poetry Uttaran Das Gupta

    The internationalist outlook of the Dalit Panthers has been described as fitting 'into the global mosaic of anger, protest, demonstrations, violence, and youthful revolutionary upsurge'

  • Rahul Jacob

    The migrant disaster will be a blot on the country's collective conscience Rahul Jacob

    Lockdowns, which have come with daily trackers and goals of flattening curves, can be akin to ineffectual New Year resolutions

  • Shuma Raha

    Covid's toll on women Shuma Raha

    The lockdown has seen a sharp spike in the incidence of domestic violence, and Listen to Her, a crisp, seven-minute film, shot at Das's own home, mainly draws attention to it