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  • Unable to fully recover from a hip injury,  Andy Murray has announced that he plans  to retire this season

    January 11, 2019, Friday

    The beginning of the end

    The Big Four were always going to come into the year's first Grand Slam knowing fully well that their days of dominance are ...

  • Photo: istock

    January 11, 2019, Friday

    Right to disconnect

    You may want to forget about work when you get home, but as likely as not, the work does not forget you

  • Neither Japan nor Korea has English. Therefore, unlike us, their access to modernity has not been through the English language as it has been for us. Photo: Reuters

    January 11, 2019, Friday

    Cultures in contrast

    Clearly, Japan and South Korea have found something in their own culture and language that makes it easy for them to compete with ...

  • Olympic

    January 04, 2019, Friday

    Curling to get to the gold mine

    The team became a big story at the Olympics after it bounced back from a slow start to defeat a series of curling behemoths in ...

  • Bodyguard, TV show

    January 04, 2019, Friday

    The best TV shows of 2018

    From Atlanta to Killing Eve, the best there were on the small screen

  • Mrinal Sen

    January 04, 2019, Friday

    How Mrinal Sen's depiction of Calcutta made me see my hometown

    Sen, who died on December 30 last year, compelled many of us to rub our eyes and take a clearer view of the city

  • Hanuman

    December 28, 2018, Friday

    A winter's tales

    Hanuman is the only character in the Ramayana with an internal monologue, constantly evaluating his own actions

  • weekend

    December 21, 2018, Friday

    Rules of engagement

    In her history of the Breckinridge-Pollard affair, Patricia Miller revisits a mostly forgotten saga that changed the way many ...

  • wine

    December 21, 2018, Friday

    How old is an old wine?

    The garagiste Thunevin Bad Boy is full-bodied with loads of coffee, toast and fruit aromas, silky tannins and a juicy finish

  • sculpture, Zeus

    December 14, 2018, Friday

    Designed to order

    If the ancients knew that they could interfere with the genetic code, the bag of worms, would they have done that? And should we ...

  • rahul gandhi

    December 14, 2018, Friday

    The politics of humility

    As a virtue, humility has seen better days

  • Musk has some of the most remarkable views on Artificial Intelligence. Photo: Reuters

    December 14, 2018, Friday

    The man of possibilities

    Musk is a real hero and we are fortunate to live in a time when we have someone like him around and also the science that makes ...

  • A glass with Indian food

    December 08, 2018, Saturday

    A glass with Indian food

    The Mud House Pinot Noir 2016 is a medium-bodied wine with soft tannins, a good finish and nice notes of cherries, berries and ...

  • art

    December 07, 2018, Friday

    Gilt and pleasure

    In the 20th century, the ideological successors and companions of Loos, like the Bauhaus and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, created ...

  • Sadanand K Bakre’s 1950s bronze sculpture, Untitled, was auctioned at Rs15 million

    November 30, 2018, Friday

    Retrospective recognition

    The recognition for Sadanand K Bakre - as also for Indian sculpture in general - couldn't have come a moment sooner

  • The BJP sees red whenever Rahul Gandhi visits a temple

    November 30, 2018, Friday

    The game of gotra

    The hysterical circus over Rahul's gotra shows how India's political parties keep the religion/caste pot simmering

  • Wine

    November 23, 2018, Friday

    The Indian Wine Day

    This year, the second Indian Wine Day was held on Friday, 16 November

  • A still from 96

    November 23, 2018, Friday

    Struggles of love

    Pawlikowski's 90-minute movie covers nearly a decade without wasting a frame

  • Hillary Clinton

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    Wives who defend

    In the real world, the spectacle of a wife sticking up for a husband who faces allegations of sexual misconduct invariably evokes ...

  • Bhut Jholakia

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    Objects of desire

    It is known that chilli came to India with the Portuguese, there is, for example, no reference to chillies in the recipes of the ...