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  • VS Naipaul, Naipaul

    August 13, 2018, Monday

    Wonderful but brutal: V S Naipaul from the eyes of a friend, student

    The strain of brutality that ran through his thought came from a desire to be unassailable, to never, as he would say, "fall into ...

  • weekend

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    Anger on the streets

    The burning of the Khandava forest for instance is an act of extreme violence, unforgivable within the epic's own moral code

  • Image2

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    Echoes of a fake-believe world

    The world is in your WhatsApp group

  • graph

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    Ways of seeing

    What is useful is knowing an artist's journey and what led him to work in a particular way, or shaped his ideas

  • Kayla, Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade

    August 03, 2018, Friday

    Teen angst in 2018

    Burnham's equal parts smutty, shameless and delightfully self-aware story is as fresh as the air in the Swiss Alps

  • Photo: iStock

    July 27, 2018, Friday

    Age of unreason

    The Oxford English Dictionary defines anti-intellectualism as hostility to intellectual reasoning. This is exactly what we are ...

  • Nilima Sheikh

    July 27, 2018, Friday

    Mirroring the art of resistance

    Nilima Sheikh's scrolls are, at once gigantic in their context and scale, but familiar in their connect and urgency

  • modi, trust vote, no confidence motion, rahul gandhi

    July 27, 2018, Friday

    Childish play

    Gandhi has been in the public eye for many years now, so it is baffling that he can still get up to the kind of antics he ...

  • Roda Wine

    July 21, 2018, Saturday

    Wine matters and money

    Wine consumption in India should by now have jumped to at least 50 million cases

  • Marriage

    July 13, 2018, Friday

    The law is an ass

    When will we stop hearing these homilies about the 'sanctity of marriage'?

  • saints

    July 13, 2018, Friday

    What makes a saint?

    Indians use fancy titles to project their holiness. That is why Adityanath uses the prefix 'Yogi' and Das uses 'Acharya'

  • Capital Gazette journalist

    July 13, 2018, Friday

    The stubborn journalist

    Journalists back from conflict zones often come here to narrate their stories to others who can relate to what they have seen

  • Ranbir kapoor, sanju

    July 06, 2018, Friday

    Big screen gloss

    Not so surprisingly, biopics centred on women have been far more absorbing

  • germany, fans

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    It's only football

    Germans have always been passionate about football. But seeing flags hanging from balconies was new

  • Lust Stories

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    Bring on the lust

    Lust Stories scores because it offers vignettes of reality in the lives of modern Indian women

  • S H Raza’s Still Life (1949)

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    A new age for open museums

    The quite amazing retrospective on

  • fauda, tv series, netflix, israel, palestine, iran, the bureau, tv series

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    Strife and grief

    'Fauda' is very biased in its myopic view of Palestine while completely ignoring the ham-fisted way the Israeli state treats the ...

  • Agamemnon, the king who led the Greeks to war against the Trojans

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    The theatre of democracy

    Democracy, wisdom and war are linked in a complex web in ancient society

  • Image2

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    Where are the great World Cup captains?

    The modern game is a victim of individualism, where players acquire the status of superstars who often grow bigger than the teams ...

  • Image2

    June 19, 2018, Tuesday

    Ups and downs in the Railways

    There are several chapters that transcend the personal and have insights about railway policy - dishonesty and falsification of ...

  • kanwariya

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    Rule of the wild

    When they are upon you and around you - menacing and feral and grinning because they know their power?

  • brexit, UK, Britain, EU

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    Britain's lone walk

    A clean Brexit means that the UK will have to go back to the World Trade Organization and then set up from zero

  • Virat Kohli

    August 10, 2018, Friday

    The art of modern-day captaincy

    Kohli is someone who has placed his foot on the accelerator and refuses to take it off

  • letters, letter writing

    August 03, 2018, Friday

    By my own hand

    We only need to see these awkward letters to know that what they say is urgent and deeply felt

  • graph

    August 03, 2018, Friday

    Join the club

    Over a period of time, most wine clubs tend to become fairly exclusive

  • Chattisgarh

    July 27, 2018, Friday

    A Chhattisgarh diary

    Raipur station is clean: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan? I ask someone but they say it's always been clean

  • virat kohli

    July 27, 2018, Friday

    Kohli's final frontier

    India have picked three spinners in their squad, which is odd given that this is an overseas tour

  • In-flight delight

    July 21, 2018, Saturday

    In-flight delight

    Kingfisher Airlines used to provide in-flight entertainment in India a long time ago before it went belly-up

  • Image2

    July 20, 2018, Friday

    Leading the swarm: What sets politicians apart from the birds and fish

    Politicians try to be the leader fish, controlling the direction of the narrative and pulling the country along-except that they ...

  • art galleries, painting

    July 13, 2018, Friday

    Incorporating art and artists

    India's public sector has been known to offer employment to sportspersons

  • Pentheus

    July 13, 2018, Friday

    Mobs of death

    Majoritarian policies do the most damage when they fuel anger against the Other

  • wines

    July 06, 2018, Friday

    Wine snobs

    Imported wines cost two to three times more in India than in international markets

  • Alice in wonderland

    July 06, 2018, Friday

    Globalisation is passe, normalisation has become the new world mantra

    Nations are being made great again by reinforcing fences and enforcing cultural homogeneity with big spiky sticks

  • Vada pao

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    The 'best Indian food'

    Bourdain thought vada-pao was so good that all other Indian food could be dismissed. He was not wrong

  • ireland

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    The long road for Ireland

    Ireland's 76-run loss to India in the first T20I was hardly surprising, but the gulf in quality between the two sides couldn't be ...

  • kohli, anushka

    June 29, 2018, Friday

    Shaming ain't swachh

    Between them, Kohli and Sharma have millions of social media followers, some of whom are only too eager to take their cue from ...

  • The vision mission exercise

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    The vision mission exercise

    Words matter only if they flow from the depths of intentions, when they have consequences

  • Image2

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    On Swiss time, with Delhi on the brain

    Everything works! It's weird

  • wine, wine business, restaurats in india, wine tasting, amarone della, wine making

    June 22, 2018, Friday

    The art of ordering the right wine

    We Indians tend to look at the right-hand-side of the wine list, with the well-heeled ordering the highest-priced wines, while ...

  • In India the beard has become the marker of masculinity. And like any other fashion trend, this too is being driven by cricket and Bollywood

    June 16, 2018, Saturday

    Call of the beard

    The world would be an awfully boring place if most men went around with facial hair, says the author