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  • Hillary Clinton

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    Wives who defend

    In the real world, the spectacle of a wife sticking up for a husband who faces allegations of sexual misconduct invariably evokes ...

  • Bhut Jholakia

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    Objects of desire

    It is known that chilli came to India with the Portuguese, there is, for example, no reference to chillies in the recipes of the ...

  • Shoplifters won the Palme d’Or at Cannes

    November 09, 2018, Friday

    Family life

    Lily Franky as the paterfamilias becomes a character you root for by the end of this clever, humane, compassionately directed and ...

  • Wine

    November 09, 2018, Friday

    Clink the right glasses

    What is a 'proper' wine glass, and how does one go about choosing one?

  • statue of unity

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    Looming issues

    The question is: unity of what? The answer is that it is the geographical union of India, not the unity of people

  • Abhijit Iyer-Mitra

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    The fragility of faith

    India does not have a blasphemy law that is as draconian as the one in Pakistan

  • National Police Memorial

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    The spectacle of sculpture

    The Statue of Unity in Gujarat was commissioned at almost the same time as the National Police Memorial in New Delhi's ...

  • Anna and the Apocalypse was easily the best feature showcased at the Telluride Horror Show

    October 26, 2018, Friday

    Creepy cinema

    The Telluride Horror Show, a three-day event showcasing the latest movies from across the world in the always excellent genres of ...

  • Bordeaux, Burgundies and Barolos are three types of wines that are known to be age-worthy — always provided that the wine has been stored well

    October 26, 2018, Friday

    What makes vintage wines

    Mind you, only a very small proportion of all wines will improve with age: most white wines should be drunk within two-three ...

  • Ingres Wood, art, artwork, painting, picture

    October 19, 2018, Friday

    In Paris, the art scene is happening; London had better look out

    Paris is certainly being perceived again as a place to do business by international art dealers

  • It is tempting to imagine the masculine voice  as belonging to Ravish Kumar himself and the addressee as historian Nayana Dasgupta,  to whom he  is married

    October 19, 2018, Friday

    Love and the city

    Like food, love - for a city or for the city dweller - can be addictive

  • Regional language newspapers use some terms that are untranslated English words: ‘honour killing’, ‘lynching’, ‘anti-national’

    October 19, 2018, Friday

    Words of matter

    The question is why use the term 'honour killing' in headlines and news reports when both these words are easily translatable

  • movie

    October 12, 2018, Friday

    Sound of ego

    The acting is fine as are the dialogue and the mise-en-scene. Maybe in these frayed post-Trump times, America needed a movie as ...

  • Dear sexual predator, I'm so worried and hope you're doing okay

    October 12, 2018, Friday

    Dear sexual predator, I'm so worried and hope you're doing okay

    Mitali Saran talks to the accused in the #MeToo campaign

  • Twitter

    October 05, 2018, Friday

    Exorcising Twitter

    Like WhatsApp, which has limited the number of forwards and eliminated a good deal of nonsense from the platform, Twitter needs ...


    October 05, 2018, Friday

    Scramble for Air India's art

    Air India's collection of art seems to have found a new home in New Delhi's National Gallery of Modern Art

  • Mind the gap

    September 28, 2018, Friday

    Broken America

    Bing Liu's debut documentary, Minding The Gap masterfully combines skateboarding antics with stories that resonate far and wide

  • Victim-shaming is the first resort of patriarchy

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    Schools for scandal

    Despite a slew of tough laws against rape, why do we repeatedly encounter an institutional reluctance to call it out?

  • Art gallery

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    Shades of fundraising

    Not only have artists contributed works of better quality, they have also ensured that values are lower than their market value ...

  • homosexuality

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    Acceptance after verdict

    Civil society will have a tougher time convincing people of the importance of granting rights to sexual minorities, since it is ...

  • work, job, employment

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    Work culture of the future

    Every cog in the wheel must present its unique services at the moment of instructed haste

  • .

    November 17, 2018, Saturday

    A season for the hammer

    Auction houses are bringing collections to the market

  • ram, rama, ramayana

    November 09, 2018, Friday

    In the name of Rama

    As our political leaders vie for eternal glory and cast their heroes in two-dimensional moulds, our ability to live with many ...

  • Image2

    November 09, 2018, Friday

    Congratulations, Delhi, on earning a very special Darwin Award

    It's hard to choose between millions of stupid people, so we're giving the prize to an entire city

  • Lewis Hamilton has competed with Alonso,  Kimi Raikkonen, Button, Rosberg, Schumacher and Vettel, champions all of them, and he has come  out on top

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    This era's purest racer?

    Hamilton's record speaks for itself - in 12 years, he has only been beaten twice by a teammate (Jenson Button at McLaren in 2011 ...

  • we live in the newness of small differences Author:  Sohini Basak Publisher: Eyewear Publishing (2018)  Pages: 90  Price: ~838 

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    Uncommon chirping

    There is in fact a dusk-after-rain quality to her poems

  • School bus, traffic

    November 02, 2018, Friday

    An accidental lesson on unsafe roads

    A simple ritual started by a man who would have been alive today if we weren't such a callous society

  • Calligraphy

    October 26, 2018, Friday

    Different strokes: Why we like calligraphy

    It's intuitive that the value we place on calligraphy should rise in proportion to its replacement by printing, and that in a ...

  • Sabarimala

    October 26, 2018, Friday

    Sabarimala and more: Indian keepers of morality and the temples of doom

    Mere mention of the word 'religion' instantly trips everyone's northern grid

  • The couples at these pre-wedding shoots changed clothes for different shots — the girls wore full-length Cinderella gowns, the guys wore three-piece regalia. Photo: iStock

    October 19, 2018, Friday

    'Main bhi' movie star

    Today, everyone can be a glittering star in the glamorous movies of their lives

  • city

    October 19, 2018, Friday

    These modern times

    There are times when waiting in the air-conditioned comfort of the office till late hours seems a better proposition than ...

  • Among the most enduring myths around Durga is the slaying of the buffalo demon, Mahishasura | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    October 13, 2018, Saturday

    Goddess power

    Among the most enduring myths around Durga is the slaying of the buffalo demon, Mahishasura, which also earns her the epithet of ...

  • The Bisol Belstar 'Cult' Prosecco I sampled recently was both fruity and floral, with a persistent mousse (bubbles), a refreshingly soft mouthfeel and a terrific aftertaste that lingered

    October 12, 2018, Friday

    Wine for thought

    Projecting a per capita wine consumption of 1 litre in 20 years would give us a market of 1.6 billion litres or 180 million cases ...

  • Narendra Modi

    October 05, 2018, Friday

    One nation, one man

    When we look around us, there is no change in the India of today over the India of 2014

  • godess durga, durga, durga puja

    October 05, 2018, Friday

    In Durga's image

    This Durga Puja perhaps we could send up a prayer for more such enlightened judgments so the law can set women free wherever they ...

  • Dom Perignon

    September 28, 2018, Friday

    One sip at a time

    Wine tasting is actually quite a lot of work: after the first few samples, both the nose and the palate start showing fatigue

  • Sir Micheal Atiyah

    September 28, 2018, Friday

    Crack this one

    Sir Michael Atiyah, who recently claimed to have proved one of the most esoteric of mathematical conjectures, the Riemann ...

  • Members of Hungry Generation responded to political failures of post-Independence India

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    'Indecent' exposures

    When we think of Bengali literature these days, we tend to consider works produced mostly in Kolkata or Dhaka

  • Saadat Hasan Manto

    September 21, 2018, Friday

    A fitting tribute

    What makes him compelling is his ability to cut directly through and address the banality and the ordinariness of hatred

  • wine, grape

    September 14, 2018, Friday

    Fruit of labour

    Wine grape harvesting was done by hand till advances in technology enabled machine-harvesting to increase the harvest speeds by ...