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  • Abhik Sen - Joint News Editor, Business Standard

    Abhik Sen

    Joint News Editor, Business Standard

    DATE: January 15, 2016, 12:00 PM

    SUBJECT: A look ahead at gadgets in 2016




    Hello and welcome to a webchat with Abhik Sen on 'Gadgets to look forward to in 2016'


    Hello everyone

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    Among the smartphones companies that brought hit products in 2015, which do you think is/are going to rule this year?


    We're looking forward to the iPhone 7/iPhone 6c this year. Besides Apple, one can safely bet on Samsung and LG to up the ante. While not much is known about Samsung's next flagship (besides it featuring Android Marshmallow), LG's G5 is rumoured to sport an iris scanner. And the Xiaomi Mi5 could sport a fingerprint scanner. Besides. Asus and Lenovo could also come out with utility products. Thus, to answer your question, most companies which did well in 2015 are likely to carry forward their performance. It's all about whose innovation catches the fancy of the public

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    Do you see wearable tech occupying the mainstream space in 2016?


    In the past two years, if there's anything that come up, its been personal tech. The past year has seen wearables — fitness bands, smart watches, health monitors — rule the roost. And the prices are coming down as well. Entry-level wearables from reputed brands are available for Rs 5,000 or so now. I guess prices will go down further and such devices will get more popular, as also will the ease of using them

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    Do you think any of the Indian gadget makers will make a global impact this year? And how much do you think will the massive Chinese entry into Indian market affect the local manufacturers?


    It's still early days for Indian gadget makers. One gadget maker which had created an impact some years earlier was Notion Ink. Unfortunately, its product didn't do too well in price-sensitive India after it launched. But yes, Micromax's Yu brand is creating waves, as are some apps (again, these aren't gadget makers). But hey, Indians are known for their innovation — there's no reason someone won't come up with a killer gadget! As for the flood of Chinese manufacturers, well for one it'll foster innovation and drive down prices, especially with some Chinese companies setting up manufacturing facilities in India. As for local manufacturers — well hardly any phone is manufactured in India, and the ones manufactured are generally by Chinese companies. So the customer is in a win-win situation

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    It's not about gadgets, but may be relevant. Between Project Loon and Free Basics, which do you think is better, and why? Which between Google and Facebook do you think has a better chance of winning?


    Both are good concepts. But between the two and regulatory shenanigans, Project Loon stands a better chance of success

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    There is a lot of excitement around syncing gadgets with automobile. What would you recommend as the two absolute must-sync gadgets for cars this year?


    For starters, your maps, contacts and music collection should be synced with the entertainment console in your car's dashboard. Then, you can take calls if you need to while driving (but before you do so, please check if they're permitted by law), listen to your favourite tunes and go to your favourite locations . Thus, if there;s óne gadget you must sync with your car, its the phone

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    Abhik, please suggest a smartphone that is rich in features (either launched or to be launched this year) within the Rs 8,000-10,000 range. Thank You.


    The budget conscious segment sees the most competition. My picks would be the Lenovo K3 Note, the Xiaomi Redmi Note Prime, the Asus Zenfone Max and the Motorola Moto G3

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    What do you think will be the pricing strategy for Jio-branded handsets? And what benefits can we expect from such 4G-ready phones over what is already available in the market?


    I'm not privy to what will exactly happen , but going by the success R Com had when the brought CDMA handsets to India at the turn of the century, one could expect a similar strategy — bundle handsets with long data plans. That way, more expensive devices can be had while paying a smalle amount upfront — a boon especially for those with no access to credit cards. That said, the only benefit I see is the cost advantage while these handsets can rival the best in business, some would still stick to their favourite phone brand

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    There's a lot of talk about the best gadgets. What about the most hack-prone gadgets of 2015 that need to get their bugs fixed ASAP in 2016?


    Many years ago, when only computers were hacked, there was a saying that the biggest problem existed between the workstation and the chair. You're right, it did mean users. The same applies even today. Using technology devoid of common sense is a recipe for disaster. That said, cloud services and phones were the most hacked in 2015, along with password managers and credit cards. Unfortunately, bugs are fixed only after the services/devices have been hacked

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    When is OnePlus Three coming and what should be expect from it?


    The OnePlus 3 is expected to release possibly around July-August. This phone is rumoured to have a full HD display, NFC and maybe even an iris scanner (since the home button with fingerprint scanner of the OnePlus 2 is missing from some leaked pictures of supposedly the OnePlus 3). But all that's speculation as OnePlus keeps its secrets closely guarded!

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    Hi, i have a 3-year-old son, starting up his schooling this year. Any gadgets you have in mind that can help him take his first steps in school?


    A lot of educational tabs entered the market in 2015. Besides, we have exotic ones like the Oregon Scientific Darth Vader Learning Laptop, when your child is older. All the best!