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    Hello and welcome to the webchat with Ashok Kumar, Promoter, LKW Investment Advisers on how to structure your portfolio via mutual fund


    Hello everyone

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    I am 41 years old. Have been investing in mutual finds since 2003-04. I have funds like HDFC Midcap Opp, HDFC Top 200, HDFC Capital Builder, Birla Sun Life Dividend Yield, Reliance Equity Opp, ICICI Infra, TATA Infra, JP Morgan India Equity, Sundaram Select Midcap, ICICI Discovery, DSP Blackrock TIGER, ICICI Focused Bluechip, ICICI Dynamic, Reliance Small Cap wherein I have invested in SIPs as well as lumpsum form. I already have a corpus of around Rs 15 lacs in these funds in todays valuations. I would like to retire at the age of 50 years. My goals are 1) Kid education and marriage in next 15 years time for which I need Rs 100 lacs 2) A comfortable life after 50 years (today's monthly expenses are Rs 60000/- only). I have a fixed deposit corpus of Rs 60 lacs which I want to utilize in a manner that it generates good sustainable income after retirement. In addition I also have good amounts in my PF & PPF accounts which I have been maintaining since 1997 onwards. I have my own house and cars (I do not pay any EMI for these any more). In fact i am finalizing second house as an investment to be sold after 10-12 years. Kindly suggest mutual funds that I can keep( from my current portfolio or new funds for the next 8-10 years which would allow me to meet my goals comfortably. I can spare another Rs 30,000/- pm as investments.


    With your current investments of 15 Lakh and SIPs of Rs.30,000 you could reach your targetted figure of Rs.1 crore by the age of 50, assuming your investments grow at a 12% rate per annum. Regards your FD of Rs.60 Lakh, you could consider Debt MFs as an alternative and commence a Systeatic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) after 9 years . This could give you much better Net of Tax returns although the Risk factor could be higher than that of an FD A Marginal Gold Exposure could also be considered to hedge against your Equity Exposure. The better funds in your existing portfolio include : HDFC Mid – Cap Opportunities, Reliance Equity Opportunities ,Sundaram Select Midcap, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery, ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity, ICICI Prudential Dynamic, Reliance Small Cap. Finally, you could consider SIP in IDFC Premier Equity Fund

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    Motilal Oswal has some risky funds. And templeton has some conservative. Both generate similar returns. Do you think Motilal Oswal funds are worth it?


    Given that the MotilalOswal Funds have a limited track record, a comparison might be a tad unfair. A better one to one comparative study can be made post a few more years as Templeton is already a proven performer in most categories over longer time frames. However, if you are willing to carry more risk on your investments, you could consider MotilalOswal Funds.

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    Dear Sir, I am 32 years old and have investments in equity mutual funds and few fixed deposits. Now I have decided that it’s high time to start a contingency fund. Can you kindly suggest me a liquid/ short term/ultra short term fund where I can park Rs 3,000 every month in form of SIPs? A fund from where I can withdraw money after 10 days or 1 years (there should not be any lock-in) and which will give better interest than savings account. Regards, Sujit


    You could consider liquid funds such as IDFC Money Manager and Tata Treasury Manager. In all probability the returns you earn here will be superior to the bank savings rate.

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    Sir, I am 29 years old working woman. Can you please review my portfolio and suggest if am going ahead with right funds? Kindly advice if I need to switch/stop/redeem any investments? My investment details are as follows: 1) Axis Long Term Equity: Rs 2,000 2) Franklin Tax Shield Fund: Rs 3,000 3) HDFC Balanced Fund: Rs 2,000 4) ICICI Prudential Long Term Plan: Rs 1,000 5) Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity Fund: 2,000 6) ICICI Prudential Focused Blue Chip Equity Fund: Rs 1,500 7) UTI Opportunities Fund: Rs 2,000 8) HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund: Rs 1,500 9) Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund: Rs 1,000. Thanks and regards!


    Congrats young lady for starting early, which is a key to wealth creation Your choice of funds too is fairly good, although you could consider cutting down on a couple of funds to make your portfolio more compact and hence optimize long term returns. Further given you are in Investment Life Cycle Stage 1, you could consider switching from a large cap like UTI Opportunities to mid/multi cap funds like Franklin India Prima / ICICI Pru Discovery

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    Hello Ashok, am 78 years old lady. Can you suggest me the best investment from where I can get monthly income (risk free, better than FD)? I have around 10 lakhs with me. Thank you!


    Kudos to your investment spirit, Ma’am --- if you are submitting form 15H ) and do not have other taxable income, FD at Sr.Citizen Rate sans tax is fine - especially considering that you want it relatively risk free. Else, you can consider a mix of Liquid Funds( ICICIPru Saving Fund – Medical Advantage Feature ) and if you are willing to bear slightly more risk, a MIP ( BSL MIP-II Savings 5 Plan ) and an Arbitrage Fund (SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund ).

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    Hello Sir, I am planning to invest Rs 50,000 in Mutual Funds for a year. Please suggest some funds that can provide healthy returns. Thanks!


    A year is way too short to extract optimal benefits from Equity Mutual Funds. While I would suggest 7-8 years as minimum tenure, you need to give at least 5 years to derive benefits. If its a Debt Fund too you will need at least 3 years to derive reasonable net of tax returns. If you have to punt for just 1 year and with a willingness to lose too you could consider – Reliance Small Cap Fund, L&T Value Fund, Sundaram Select Mid-Cap Fund

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    What tax-saving investments would you recommend for a 57-year old, salaried person as he is getting closer to his retirement age? I'm seeking this advice on behalf of my father whose income is around 13.5 lpa. He has investments in traditional tools like LIC policy, health insurance and EPF, and he also enjoys some deductions because of a home loan.


    Since, ELSS is missing from his Tax Saving Investment List you could consider --- Axis Long Term Equity and Reliance Tax Saver.

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    Hello Sir, every year I need to pay a lumpsum amount of Rs 2.5 lakhs towards rental payment (here in South Bombay owners charge 11 months’ rent at one go). Can you please suggest a fund where I can park money every month in SIP form and withdraw after a year for this lumpsum payout?


    Since your rent is not a discretionary payment, its best you stick to a low risk Liquid fund like Tata Trasury Manager. A withdrawal before 3 years however may not be too tax efficient

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    Sir, i wish to invest in mutual funds schemes which invest directly in US blue chip companies. Will you please suggest anyone other than ICICI (US blue chip). I tried other funds but those funds schemes instead of investing directly invest in another outside India mutual fund. Further, it has also been noticed that despite SEBI circular of 24.3.2014 these funds do not disclose their voting policy on resolution put forward by such outside India companies. Is there any exemption in this regard?


    The funds give one a quasi currency hedge and while the ICICI Pru US Blue Chip Equity is a fine choice, an alternative could be Franklin India Feeder Franklin US Opportunities Fund

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    Keeping in the volatility of markets in mind, do you think for a common investor investment in Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS) linked mutual fund is a safe option?


    Consider investing in ELSS via the SIP rather than lump sum route to partially negate the effect of volatility. Besides the tax advantage you may also stabilize your returns.