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    Hi Ashutosh, I bought an apartment in Virar's global city in 2014. But since then, the prices have corrected. What's your outlook for global city and the Vasai-Virar belt. Is there benefit in the long run?


    It depends on what you bought the flat for. If it was for personal use and it is serving that purpose well even today, I would not suggest that you worry too much about appreciation or lack of it. Real estate anywhere in Mumbai will in any case appreciate eventually. If you are looking to sell the flat because it no longer serves your needs, now may not be the right time to do so.

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    Which are the top locations to look out in Navi Mumbai? What do you think of investment in New Panvel as the airport is coming soon?


    In Navi Mumbai, Vashi, Koparkhaine, Airoli, Ghansoli and Ulwe are all good areas to invest in. New Panvel is also a good long-term investment bet, but growth will be slower than in the aforementioned areas because the new airport is still a somewhat futuristic proposition

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    Is this the right time to invest in an under construction project in Mumbai taking into account the fall in markets, commodities and interest rates? Also what is better: Taking a flat on rent or buying an under construction flat?


    It is the right time to invest in an under-construction flat in Mumbai, as long as it is in the right locality, at the right price and in the right project. Getting any of these variables wrong can result in a setback. Getting them right can result in an excellent investment proposition. Most of the new projects in Mumbai have been launched at significantly lower rates than previous rates in those localities. However, investing in a project by a developer who may not have the financial capability to see the project to completion on time can be disastrous

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    What is your opinion about the residential real estate market in Bangalore? Which area has potential to grow during next rebound in real estate sector?


    Bangalore is a massive residential market and has several growth pockets, but Whitefield stands out as one of the corridors that will see consistent appreciation in the long run

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    Although home loans are available, residential prices have hardly seen a decline. What is your overall outlook on the residential sector in major cities?


    Every city behaves differently, depending on its market drivers and especially the way job creation is happening. Residential rates are unlikely to come down in cities where there is no major oversupply issue and there is sufficient demand, and are very likely to come down in over-supplied markets where there is very little absorption happening. If you are looking to buy for personal use, don't try to time the market - rather, identify the best options and negotiate with the developer for the best price. Most developers are willing to bargain if their stock is not selling fast enough

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    Is this the right time to sell a flat in Mumbai currently I am living in and wish to buy into an under construction bigger flat?


    If you are getting a good rate which is satisfactorily higher than the one you paid initially, it is certainly a good time. If not, you would probably be better off waiting for another year or two. Also, while considering under-construction projects, a big concern is the ability of the developer to complete the project on time. The likelihood of this happening is higher among established and well-capitalized developers, while it is much lower among smaller local developers

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    What is your outlook for the commercial segment in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore and Hyderabad? In which of these cities is there a higher traction in terms of rising rentals?


    Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore come first in line of traction, followed by Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. Again, a lot would depend on which areas one is looking at, and whether one is considering only Grade A or also Grade B commercial projects

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    I am in the IT sector and recently posted at Pune. With opportunites available here I wish to settle down in Pune. Which are the areas that I can look for and what would be the approx price range of 2-Bedroom flat?


    You have not stated your budget. Most IT professionals in Pune would prefer areas like HInjewadi, Baner, Wakad, the Magarpatta area, Kharadi, Kalyani Nagar, Undri or Pimple Saudagar, but the price range in these areas varies widely

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    I had invested in a 2-Bedroom apartment in Bangalore about 5 years ago. There has been a substantial increase in appreciation. which are the suitable options in the outskirts of the city in which I can look for a bigger apartment.


    The areas closer to the airport at Devanhalli are good options. You could localities like Jakkur-Srirampura, which is still relatively peaceful

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    Currently I am looking to invest in Kolkata, around the Rajarhat/New town area. Considering the current scenario, is it a good idea?


    The Rajarhat/New Town corridor fell short of investors' expectations in the past, in the sense that it did not yield the kind of fantastic returns that they had expected. However, it is still a very good long-term bet - and as we keep emphasizing, real estate investment only works well from a long-term perspective. I would say that you can go ahead, but select your project wisely