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    Hello and welcome to the webchat with Ishan Bakshi on Has Make in India given enough push to Indian manufacturing?

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    Make in india- Is it a jadu -magic or some thing?Does any one think that every thing has to be done by the govt? Govt has shown their intention to give boost to the manufacturing in India. How many projects have been signed mou for.It is for the Industry to pressurise the fulfill their intention.In case they find lithargy on part of the govt.despitethe promise. Now it is for those who want to take advantage of the govt.'s intention. Govt has shown all enthusiasm in this respect.And all those who have signed MOUs are on the track and people in industry know how long it takes a project to start effectively.It does take couple of quarters to really show up.Can you indicate how much least time it should take to show up?


    A few quarters is a relatively small time frame for the results to show up. A lot of reforms are needed in a range of areas for India to have even a chance to replace China as the manufacturing hub of the world. This is a long term play.

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    Foreign vehicle majors seem to be unhappy with the recent ban on diesel vehicles above 2,000cc. What is the likely impact of the notification with focus on Make in India for the sector and economy?


    Obviously, companies both domestic and foreign will want surety. That decisions taken do not adversely impact their business over night. Policy uncertainty is not good for business and not a good sign to give to the business community. This will impact Make in India. Governments and courts both need to keep this mind.

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    With the Make in India focus gaining ground spiritual gurus have set up companies and are gearing up to take on Multinational FMCG companies launching a range of food and healthcare products. What are the factors that could give MNCs a tough competition going forward and what would be the benefits for the consumers?


    There should be a level playing field where both MNC's and domestic companies can compete. The job of the government should be to facilitate. competition is good both from a market standpoint and a consumer perspective.

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    Despite having one of the best skills worldwide, there are hardly any IT products from India that has really made the mark in the global arena. However, overseas many Indian IT professionals are making waves heading global IT majors. What could be the factors that hamper creation of a software product Made in India?


    Its about moving up the value chain. That takes time. Indian IT companies are in the process of doing that. There is a lot of innovation happening in India.

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    As far as public transportation is concerned there seem to be hardly any significant innovations compared to global standard from the railways. Even metro and monorail coaches are being imported. What are the factors that are hampering the same?


    This is not a railway specific issue. but one that plagues other parts of the economy as well. Its the low level of spending in R&D. On this parameter India fares poorly. This shows up in the figures on patents filed also. Indian companies need to spend more on R&D

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    A developing country like India needs power to grow. However, super critical thermal units which are efficient are made by a handful of Indian manufacturers. What initiatives can the government undertake that manufacture of such equipment is taken up on a large scale?


    The job of the government should be to facilitate business. It should be to create an enabling environment so that businesses can flourish. Giving concessions to encourage a particular set of companies is unlikely to help in the long run as they may become uncompetitive when those concessions are withdraw.

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    As once said by Dr. Raghuram Rajan, unlike China, India does not have the time advantage one needs to commit to the manufacturing spell. Is India in the process of becoming the second China? What will the global impact and is the world ready for the above?


    I think its premature to say that India is on the way of becoming the second china. The conditions to enable it to do so need to be created. becoming china means growing at 10 per cent for the next two decades. Its a very difficult task. and in the current global environment of sluggish growth, it seems difficult as the export push to India is not available. If it does manage to grow, it will end up creating one of the largest markets in the world.

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    Modi Government won the election by promising jobs galore through rapid industrial growth. How "Make in India" vision affects the youth?


    If you look at the development trajectory of developed economies, it was manufacturing that provided jobs. It was manufacturing that created the american middle class. It was the engine of growth. The direct and indirect impact of manufacturing on jobs is huge. The focus has to be on labour intensive manufacturing that creates jobs to absorb a section of the labour force that is currently employed in agriculture

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    Mobile phones are the fastest selling consumer products especially on-line. Although some manufacturers are trying to woo customers with competitive pricing the common perception about quality remains an overhang. Are Indian mobile makers doing enough to compete with global mobile phone makers?


    Some Indian companies have done really well in this segment. But its largely at the lower end of the spectrum. What i think you are talking about is competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung. That im afraid is not happening. In large part because of poor quality of R&D in India.

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    In your opinion will environmental clearance particularly projects pertaining to the mining sector will stall the growth of the mission? How do we tackle the above-mentioned problem?


    Environmental concerns obviously need to be factored. there is no question about it. Its a complicated situation. we need land for projects. some sort of arrangement needs to be worked out to protect both.