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    Hello and welcome to the webchat with Sujoy Manna, Vice President – Products, HDFC Life on all queries related to insurance



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    The problem of adequately covered lies in the following: a) Many people are not aware of adequate life cover? b) Even if they are made aware of this figure, they can't pay premium to acquire this adequate coverage. c) Those who are aware of adequate life cover and has capacity to pay premium for this are of the view that they don't need life cover at all. They have better alternatives. How to tackle this anomaly?


    Many insurers are offering pure protection products online which come at a cheaper price. Individual should consider basic human life value calculator to understand their current and future insurance needs. Also there is no other alternative to term insurance as income protection option.

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    Hello Sir, I am 29 years single working woman. Can you suggest me a comprehensive individual health insurance plan of Rs 10 lakhs?


    You can look at standard mediclaim policies as well as certain fixed benefit health policies like critical illness, cancer, surgical benefit or hospital cash benefit plans. There are many fixed benefit plans which offer a combination of the above benefits.

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    Dear Sir, I have my individual health insurance plan of Rs 3 lakhs with Max Bupa for which I pay a premium of Rs 4,817/annum. Am a 32 years old single working woman. Kindly suggest if am going ahead with right plans or are there any better options available with higher benefits.


    It is advisable that you continue with your existing plan and purchase additional policies as a top up to that. There are certain fixed benefit products available in the market like critical illness, Cancer and surgical benefits. You can buy them. The benefits payable will be over and above your standard mediclaim policies. Additional cover will also help you cope with increasing medical inflation.

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    Hello Mr Manna, am 37 yrs old married man. My wife’s age is 32 and she is dependent on me. Please suggest me a term plan of Rs 50 lakhs. Regards, Sujit Sarkar


    Most of the life insurance plans offer term insurance. You can go online and buy one. You can look at HDFC Life Click2protect Plus Plan as an option. Before choosing the cover you must do a need analysis for the right amount of insurance cover.

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    What are the benefits of choosing multi-trip travel insurance over single-trip travel insurance?


    A multi trip policy covers you when you leave home and return home multiple times over the course of the year. While a single trip is when you are leaving home travelling for sometime and then returning home. You can accordingly decide one. In case you travel frequently, a multi trip insurance cover will be cheaper than multiple single trip policies.

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    What are the best insurance products available for senior citizens? My dad is 63 years old and my mother is 60. Am planning to buy a joint plan for both of them. Regards


    Some insurance cos (general and stand alone health insurance cos) do offer health insurance products specifically to senior citizens. They offer joint life cover as well on mediclaim platform. You can look at them.

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    I wish to go the USA in the month of August to pursue my higher studies. Which travel insurance do you suggest which will cover all my travel and medical emergencies during my stay at an affordable premium?


    You can look at overseas travel insurance from the general insurance cos. The benefits are more or less standardized. Depending upon the premium you can choose one.

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    Am planning to buy critical illness and personal accident plan for my brother worth Rs 10 lakh. He is 30 years old. Kindly suggest one.


    Most of the insurance cos offer critical illness and PA products. While buying these products you should look at the number of conditions covered, the tenure of the policies, the guarantee of premium rates and the premium amount. Basis which you can select one. In PA products you can look for disability cover as well.

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    What happens if you have health insurance through your employer and you leave your job?


    If you leave your job, the insurance cover of current employer will cease. You can look at the employee benefit scheme of the new employer. And hence it is essential that you purchase standalone mediclaim or health policies from the market.

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    Hello Mr. Sujoy! I work for a Rs 5000 Crore group at a senior position. I am 41 years old and covered under the employer's group insurance. Apart from these I have invested Rs 5 lacs in HDFC Crest (2 policies of Rs 2.5 lacs each...Rs 50K yearly premium I have paid for 5 years in each policy) ( Highest NAV guarantee) which would mature in 2019. I have my own houses and cars (no EMI paid currently). My spouse is well employed too. I have only 1 Child (student of Std V). I have a sizeable corpus in PF, PPF and other liquid assets (Term Deposits & Mutual Funds, gold etc) and no financial liability. Do I really need to think about insurance ? Please guide.


    You can evaluate your insurance needs through human life value calculator which is readily available online. Basis that you can decide the amount of cover you need. The GTI cover is available till you are employed. You may need further insurance post your retirement.