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  • Bharat Bhushan

    Now, govt's Kashmir rhetoric is directed at international audience Bharat Bhushan

    Having turned life upside down for the people of the Kashmir Valley, what exactly did Prime Minister Narendra Modi mean when he said we will have to hug every Kashmiri?

  • Sunita Narain

    Cheering for toilets but with caution Sunita Narain

    Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MoDWS) commissioned two private consultancies, IPE Global and Kantar, to conduct a nationwide survey to verify India's ODF status

  • Ajay Shah

    A step for the high growth strategy Ajay Shah

    Watch for the reward-to-risk ratio faced by private persons

  • Devangshu Datta

    The 21st century's 'equaliser' Devangshu Datta

    As recent attacks have shown, even dirt-cheap drones can cause a lot of damage

  • Tamal Bandyopadhyay

    Cricket, culture and PSU bank merger Tamal Bandyopadhyay

    The market may take time to digest the BoB-Vijaya-Dena merger but it could be a template for the next four mergers to create "NextGen" mega banks

  • Mukesh Butani

    An ordinance tax boost Mukesh Butani

    Short-term focus shifts to what extent the new measures will impact the fiscal deficit, accelerating non-tax revenue of the government

  • TNC Rajagopalan

    Making rebates WTO-compatible TNC Rajagopalan

    Under RoSCTL, except for some items containing cotton, the rates are between 1.7 and 3.6 per cent of the FOB value of export

  • Devangshu Datta

    Consumption needs to revive Devangshu Datta

    The cut in corporation tax rate could potentially boost margins of companies

  • Arindam Gupta

    Why more monetary easing is on the cards Arindam Gupta

    Any change in the value of the new external benchmark mandated by the RBI will find expression in bank lending rates far more quickly than has been happening until now

  • Harsh V Pant

    Reaffirming Indo-US ties Harsh V Pant

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America indicates that the India-US strategic relationship has the potential to become the defining partnership of this century

  • Dinesh Kanabar

    Corporate tax cut: Booster shot for the economy, says Dinesh Kanabar Dinesh Kanabar

    Though I welcome the reduction of tax rates for corporates, I wonder why the benefits have been restricted to corporates and not to other business entities

  • Sunil Sethi

    A saga of corporate greed and plunder Sunil Sethi

    The Anarchy derives its subaltern flavour from its liberal use of non-official sources - multi-lingual accounts by contemporary observers spiced with judicious dollops of bazaar gossip

  • Shekhar Gupta

    Shekhar Gupta: It's Modi vs economy Shekhar Gupta

    The struggling economy is Narendra Modi's biggest challenge. He could defy it and continue to rise spectacularly, or fix it miraculously and do even better

  • Kishore Singh

    A diner's paradise Kishore Singh

    Nowhere other than Goa, not even in Kerala, or Pondicherry, is the catch as fresh, the curries as redolent with spices and ingredients

  • Keya Sarkar

    Not a child's play Keya Sarkar

    When aspirational MBAs or CAs that I needed to handle in my career in Mumbai seemed like child's play