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Mahickra Chemicals Ltd.

BSE: 535075 Sector: Industrials
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Mahickra Chemicals Ltd. (MAHICKRA) - Chairman Speech

Company chairman speech

Dear Stakeholder

Due to the pandemic during last year entire world has been affected in terms of LifeRoutine activities Education Business or New developments. Although after pandemicbusiness has picked up well after April-May-2020.

Our sales have decreased during 2020-21 due to Pandemic Situation but Net Profit forthe ended year 2021 is increased by 3.55 % compare to previous year.

Current year closing Earning per Share (EPS) of the Company is 3.83 per share.

These results are because of such a difficult time due to Covid year which may or maynot continue however our Production and Quality Control team have given their bestefforts to achieve desired production and our Financial and Management team have giventheir best with a positive approach to increase profit even when less turnover wasobserved. This shows the dedication of our Production Quality Finance & Managementteam.

Mahickra Chemicals Ltd. has started construction and plant erection work in a newlyacquired nearby property Plot No. 1201-1202 Phase 3 which is expected to finish by endof 2021.We have initiated the procedure of acquiring necessary Certifications andGovernment Licenses to Plan Productions at the new facility. We are planning to beginmarketing of other products than our regular Dyestuff which are however related to samebusiness - like Textile Chemicals Specialty Chemicals Pigment Paste and Powder etc.

Mahickra Chemicals Ltd. has currently Business Associate Agent in Jaipur [Rajasthan]Tirupur [Tamil Nadu] Istanbul [Turkey] Cairo [Egypt] and Dhaka [Bangladesh].

Due to pandemic we are unable to explore other countries where our samples and trialsare approved such as Uzbekistan Russia Indonesia Mexico Brazil but we are confidentonce everything will smoothen post pandemic we will develop our Business in NewTerritories as well.

I would like to thank all my shareholders for standing with us in this great journey.This has only been possible because of shareholders’ trust in our company ourdedicated staff who worked during this hard pandemic situation with there great skill anddevotion.

My sincere gratitude towards all Suppliers Government Officers Management teamHonorable Buyers Staff Members and of course our Shareholders for keeping trust inMahiekra Chemicals Ltd. and to support journey to success in this hard competitive marketand make Mahickra Chemicals Ltd. as one of the leading Manufacturer Globally andDomestically.

We are fully Confident to face any problems in future even if Pandemic continue andlooking forward to get great Successful journey with support of all Mahiekra ChemicalsLtd. shareholders for great visionary future


Warm Regards
Chairman and Managing Director