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Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.

BSE: 513023 Sector: Others
BSE 11:45 | 17 Aug 126.00 1.40






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OPEN 125.20
VOLUME 15864
52-Week high 184.20
52-Week low 118.00
P/E 12.14
Mkt Cap.(Rs cr) 2,250
Buy Price 125.80
Buy Qty 1.00
Sell Price 126.15
Sell Qty 173.00
OPEN 125.20
CLOSE 124.60
VOLUME 15864
52-Week high 184.20
52-Week low 118.00
P/E 12.14
Mkt Cap.(Rs cr) 2,250
Buy Price 125.80
Buy Qty 1.00
Sell Price 126.15
Sell Qty 173.00

Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd. (NBVENTURES) - Chairman Speech

Company chairman speech

"We have always tried to integrate our business with community aspirations. Whileour factories build and power the nation in a literal sense our Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) initiatives fuel inclusive growth and community developmentaddressing the basic needs of citizens even in the country's remote and deprived regions.And that is precisely what we have done and continue to do in our operations."

CII-ITC "Commendation for Significant Achievement in CSR" for the PalonchaUnit:

Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd Paloncha was accorded "Commendation for SignificantAchievement in Corporate Social Responsibility" for Commendable Results fromDeployment of Policy and Processes on the journey to Excellence in Sustainable Businessat the "CII-ITC Sustainability Awards 2017" function held in New Delhi onDecember 12 2017.


The Company believes in extending reach of primary healthcare to everyone. The Companyorganises various health camps in slums and alike areas for a complete preventive andcorrective health check-up of the inhabitants surrounding our plants. These healthcareprogrammes are run on a regular basis to achieve our mission of ensuring good health toeveryone. Given below are some of the projects that the Company has undertaken in FY2017-18.

Preventive healthcare: Awareness programmes on preventive healthcare are organised forproactive and timely medical attention particularly in slum areas surrounding Paloncha.Under this initiative a medical team visits such areas and conducts medical examinationgives counselling and medicines to people at free of cost.

Preventive healthcare programs are also conducted by the Company at the Primary HealthCentre at Nava Bharat Eye Centre.

Free Health Campaign Impact
No. of visits 50

Proactive and timely medical attention.

No. of beneficiaries 5827

Nava Bharat Eye Centre (NBEC): NBEC has been providing equitable comprehensive eye careand high quality cataract surgical services to people in and around Paloncha irrespectiveof their socio-economic religious or ethnic background. However to address theincreasing prevalence of non-communicable chronic eye diseases such as diabeticretinopathy and glaucoma in and around Paloncha the Company has provided the followingequipment to NBEC:

1. Optical Coherence Tomography - For identifying Macular/ Corneal/ Glaucoma cases.

2. Fundus Camera - To identify all posterior segment diseases including diabeticretinopathy and glaucoma.

3. Replacement of existing Operating Microscope and Autoclave Equipment.

This has enhanced the capabilities of the NBEC beyond cataract surgery and brought theabove services to the door steps of the rural community.

Safe drinking water: The Company has setup safe drinking water plants at Sri KumaraRama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple Samalkot and Charadagadia Masania Similipatana in Odisha.These water plants offer pure drinking water at a very affordable cost which controlswater borne diseases and helps improve the health of the people in the surrounding areas.

About 4000 villagers have benefited from these programmes.

Hand Wash Facilities: Inferior water quality &

inappropriate hygiene behaviour is detrimental to the health of the school goingchildren. To overcome this problem the Company has set up Hand Wash Facilities in 12government schools benefiting 3000 students.

Mosquito Nets: The Company has distributed 3800 mosquito nets at several villages inand around Paloncha in Bhadradri Kothagudem district to prevent the diseases such asDengue Malaria etc. transmitted through mosquito bites.

Besides the Company has carried out distribution of wheel chairs hearing aids andother disability aids in Kharagprasad and Sibapur grama panchayats in Odisha and drilledborewells at Papakollu Village Julurupadu (Mandal) Telangana.


The Company believes that every child must have access to education. To make thatpossible we with special focus on ensuring quality education to children in rural andsemi-urban areas extend financial assistance / grant-in-aid to the projects / programmesthat provide education supply material to children and create infrastructure for schools.The following are some of the programmes in this direction.

After class tuitions: The Company organised tuitions for economically backward studentsin 22 Government Schools at Paloncha Lakshmidevipalli and Mulakalapalli Mandals.

Name of the School No. of students
Nava Bharat High School Paloncha Telangana 268
Brahmani Public School Kharagprasad Odisha 800

Nava Bharat Vignana Dayini: For proper education of science it is necessary to conductvarious kinds of experimental works which are practical in nature. These practicalfunctions cannot be carried out in the absence of scientific apparatus and equipments andthey form essential components of science education.

To fill this gap the Company has taken up an initiative named "Nava BharatVignana Dayini" under which a mobile science laboratory visits various governmentschools and encourages students to carry out scientific experiments by themselves.

Mobile science laboratory
No. of schools visited 28
No. of students benefitted 3300
Impact : Deep understanding by putting theory in to practice


Free Tuitions
No. of schools 22
No. students benefitted 1100
Impact : Improved knowledge levels

Computer Education: Recognizing that the computer literacy plays an important role instudent's career development the Company recruited instructors to impart training incomputer education to the students studying in government schools.

Computer Education
No. of schools 16
No. of instructors recruited 16
Impact : Improved computer operation skills
No. of students benefitted 3800

Spoken English: Communication is a very essential skill especially proficiency inEnglish for advancement of students. Students

in rural areas lack this skill and to help such students with proficiency in Englishthe Company conducted Supplementary Spoken

English Programs in government schools located in and around our Plants.

Supplementary Spoken English Programme Impact
Classes covered 6th to 10th

Improved communication skills in English

No. of schools 10
No. of students benefitted 1800


The Company provided 920 dual desks to Government Schools at Paloncha MulakalapalliTekulapalli Annapureddypalli Chandrugonda and Julurupadu mandals. This initiative wastaken to promote congenial learning atmosphere in schools. It benefited 2760 students inToto.

Similar initiatives were taken by the Company at schools in Hussainpuram VillageBurugupudi and Kirlampudi Mandals and at Sibapur village in Dhenkanal district Odisha.


The Company through its Women Empowerment Centre and Nava Bharat Vocational Institute(NBVI) provides training on various programmes to achieve livelihood on a sustainablebasis.

Women Empowerment Centre (WEC): Women empowerment is gaining significant importanceeverywhere and comprises improving the socio economic strength of women to make themconfident enough to play their rightful role in the the society. To serve this noblecause the Company has created a WEC at Paloncha and is housed in an exclusive buildingand imparts training in the following fields under one roof:

• Tailoring & Embroidery • Sanitary Napkin making
• Jute Product making • Beautician course
• Palm Leaf Weaving • Garment making


During the year the following additional infrastructure facilities were provided to WEC:
1) Walk way and sun shade
2) Renewal of Software
3) Air conditioning


Women Empowerment Centre Impact


No. of Training courses conducted 6 Created self- employment
No. of women trained during the year 190 opportunities for women with earnings of '4000 to '5000 per month.

Nava Bharat Vocational Institute (NBVI) at Paloncha is contributing to skilldevelopment by imparting vocational training to

unemployed youth in the following trades.

• Welding Computer courses
• Fitting • DTP
• Electrical • Tally
• Two wheeler technician

• Refrigerator & Air condition Technician

With faster pace of economic development the demand for skilled manpower in India isoutstripping the supply resulting in a significant shortage of skills across severalexisting trades. New types of skill requirements offering promising employmentopportunities are also emerging. NBVI is striving to bridge this gap.

Nava Bharat Vocational Institute Impact
No. of trades covered 7 Improved employability of youth with earnings of '9000 to ' 23000 per month in reputed Organisations
No. of persons trained during the year 302


As part of environment sustainability development and maintenance of medicinal plantswere undertaken at Mahatma Gandhi Ausodhiya Aranya at Sogar Kamakhyanagar Dhenkanal.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

During the year under review Nava Bharat Energy India Limited the Company's whollyowned subsidiary extended financial assistance as an "Anchor Patron" to"The Akshaya Patra Foundation" to establish a centralized kitchen in Kothagudem(Lakshmidevipally). "Akshaya Patra Foundation" is the world's largest NGO-runMid-Day meal programme serving wholesome school lunch to over 1.7 million children in14173 schools across 12 states in India.

This is the first of its kind centralized Kitchen setup in Tribal area of TelanganaState to support the Mid-Day Meal program of the Government and mitigate the twinchallenges of hunger and education. The program enables increase in enrolment &attendance reduces dropout and improves nutritional status of students of the GovernmentSchools by serving hot & nutritious food. The kitchen can serve mid-day meals up to30000 students per day.

The Centralised Kitchen was inaugurated by Hon'ble MLA of Kothagudem Mr. J. VenkataRao in the presence of Mr. M. Ram Kishan Joint Collector District Level Officers Mr.GRKPrasad Executive Director Nava Bharat Ventures Limited (NBVL) Mr. SreenivasamurthyVice President Paloncha Works NBVL Students of Government Schools public and Mediarepresentatives. At present the kitchen is supplying food to 22255 students in 244Government Schools situated in 5 Mandals viz. Kothagudem Lakshmidevipally SujathanagarChunchupalli and Paloncha.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

The CSR Committee of the Board formed under the aegis of Section 135 and Schedule VIIof the Companies Act 2013 and the provisions of the CSR Rules 2014 to spend 2% averagenet profits of immediately preceding 3 financial years on CSR. The CSR Committee comprisesof three (3) members of the Board. The roles and responsibilities of the CSR Committeeinclude formulation of CSR Policy and provide recommendations to the Board. This Committeealso informs the Board regarding the activities to be undertaken by the Company asspecified in Schedule VII to the Act or as may be prescribed by the Rules thereto aswell as propose expenditure to be incurred on the activities referred and the monitoringmechanism.

Visit of CSR Committee

The CSR Committee on January 8 2018 visited Paloncha Unit to review and monitor theprogress of the projects / programmes envisaged for the financial year 2017-18 in thefollowing locations:

1. Nava Bharat Eye Centre

Nava Bharat Public School / Nava Bharat High School Women Empowerment Centre NavaBharat Vocational Institute

2. Akshayapatra premises at Kothagudem

3. Machinapeta village - water plant & interaction with beneficiaries

4. Karakavagu School (Demo on K Yaan Hand wash facilities for the students MobileScience Lab practical classes and supplementary spoken English classes)

The Committee has expressed its satisfaction over the progress of theprojects/programmes and observed that the impact was impressive.

Our domestic subsidiaries actively participate in CSR activities. The following tablehighlights the amounts budgeted and actually spent during the financial year 2017-18.

(' in lakhs)


Name of the Company Budget Actual
Nava Bharat Energy India Limited 187.59 188.43
Nava Bharat Projects Limited 2.93 7.74
*Brahmani Infratech Private Limited NA 1.43
Total 190.52 197.60